Best Wireless Dog Fence for 2019

Likewise other technological advance, best wireless dog fence is an innovative way to make the playground secured for your pets. Pet owners are now averse in burying wires under the earth. Also, you may be confused to know the exact location if there is any breakage of the wire. Hence, invisible fence for puppies is getting popular among the pet owners. Even you may not have enough days to spending for digging the soil. Also,

the wireless pet containment system allows you to set up the transmitter at anywhere as you need. Hope, you won’t miss you baby pet now while you’re outing.So, How do you know which is the best wireless pet containment? Don’t worry; we have done an extensive research to help you in making the proper buying decision. Also, we have created a list of the best wireless dog fences that will value your money and offer your dog’s safety. Hope our reviews, as well as a buying guide, will help you to buy the right system for your dogs.

 6 Best Wireless Dog Fence Reviews updated list 2019

#1.   Free To Roam Wireless Dog & Cat Containment Fence By PetSafe

Best wireless dog fence

Being passionate with pet behavioral products, PetSafe introduces product solutions to spend more time with your pets. PetSafe free to roam wireless fence is such an invisible fence to give your pet freedom of playing. Most importantly, it is a cost-effective defense system compared to the traditional physical fence.

Moreover, the invisible fence can cover up to ½ acres area. You can adjust the boundary from 5 to 90 feet surroundings from the center of the transmitter. The portable transmitter well protects the circular defense area. Furthermore, as the fence is wireless, you are free from digging the trench to bury the wire.Moreover, the astounding feature of the fence is the easy installation with static correction for training.

 To run the system, simply plug the transmitter to the nearest area you want your pet moves. The transmitter will communicate with the collar. If the dog wants to breach the secured area, the collar will receive static corrections. The 5 levels of static correction will control the temperament which will, in turn, forces the dog to stay in the area.And, finally, the free to room fence is compatible with multiple dogs or pets. If you want more dogs in the system, wear them the receiver collar. The ergonomically designed collar is waterproof. Hence, it is durable and fits the pets weighing up to 5 pounds or more.


  • Timeless set up with an easy training manual
  • Portable to carry around anywhere, especially when you’re outing
  • Entirely wireless for abstaining you bury wires
  • Covers up to ½ acres of land
  • 5 adjustable levels of static correction with tone-only mode training
  • Pros

  • Low battery indicator to inform you when the battery is running out
  • The battery is removable to replace the old one be a new one
  • Cons

  • Too much expensive for the novice and amateur pet owners
  • Hard to set up accurate secured area
  • 2: Wireless Containment System for 2 Dogs By PetSafe PIF-300

    Wireless Containment System for 2 dogs

    Do you want the safest and the most straightforward pet containment system for your dog? PetSafe has brought a revolutionary concept for wireless fences pet containment to meet your need.  It has an innovative radio signal by which it secures the obscure area. The active transmitter covers an area of ½ acres.

    However, the wireless dog fence comes with lightweight receiver collar. When your puppy wears the collar, it automatically receives the signal from the transmitter. Within the area, the puppy never feels any shock or signal, but it goes out of the area or breaches the invisible security, the collar shocks. The 17.5 KHz radio signal is enough to bring your pet back to the boundary.

    The adjustable levels of correction help to receive the signal. Even the static correction is not harmful though it is startling. Here, you have a caution to use the containment system. As the system is specially developed for the USA, it is compatible with US 110 voltage. Don’t try to plug in 220 voltage.  Another thing here is to remember you. Metal objects and terrain topography may affect the operating range of the fence system. However, don’t hesitate. It never affects the health and the security system of the pets.


    • Covers up to ½ acres adjustable circular area
    • Adjustable levels of static correction with plus-tone only mode
    • Easy to carry around for lightweight
    • Metal objects and terrain topography can affect the operating range
    • Innovative PIF-300 system with radio signal 17.5 kHz


    • Pet dogs get much freedom to play and roam
    • Trees don’t affect the transmission though metals may affect


    • Additional batteries may be bought after default is running out
    • close
      Sometimes collars may be substantial if your measurement isn’t right

    #3.  Stay+ Play wireless Fence- covers 5Lb

    It is thought that wireless pet fence is quite expensive. PetSafe offers cost-effective wireless pet containment system. The system will keep your pet happy in the ground and make it plays.

    PetSafe Stay and Play wireless system covers up to ¾ acres of land with custom collar settings. The 210 feet all directions circular boundary is adjustable with the turn of the dial. So, you can change the area from smaller to bigger and vice versa as your need.  

    Moreover, you can carry the portable pet fence around the places. The rechargeable system allows running with the full operation for 1-2 hours of charge. So, it can be a great way to have your pet in traveling. The invisible dog park will protect your baby from unwanted incidents. 

    And anything else to wonder you? I think the adjustability with multiple locations will amaze you. You need to test the transmitter to the specific location for creating a virtual safe zone. However, remember that hills and slopes can affect the operating range as well as signal. Moreover, the area is circular and unchangeable to square and rectangular shape.


    • An utterly wireless area to abstain you from burying wires
    • Rechargeable system allows 1-2 hours for RV camping and vacation
    • Covers up to ¾ acres, i.e., 105 feet diameter circular area
    • Adds multiple dogs in the system with additional compatible collars
    • Ergonomic design collar charge lasts up to 3 weeks with a single 2-3 hours charging


    • Dogs have freedom of play within wireless surroundings
    • Training requires no time with nothing hard to do


    • Doesn’t work in the uneven ground
    • close
      The signal may be affected by terrain or metal objects

    #4.  FunAce Rechargeable Wireless Pet Containment System

    FunAce Rechargeable Wireless Pet Containment System

    Are you one of them to want electric pet fence but discouraged to spend days in digging soil? FunAce has brought a solution for safe and shock containment system. The 100% wireless pet fence is no longer need to bury under the earth.

    FunAce rechargeable containment system covers up to 600 feet areas with full protection. In fact, the fence will perfectly work for 20 feet away from any weather condition. Isn’t it an obvious pet element for winter?The transmitter comes with a built-in 2500 mAH battery. It can last up to 18 hours to ensure operational activity. Also, the longtime service can help you make a portable dog park in the outdoor activities. Even, it can support up to 17 acres efficiently. 

    Moreover, the anti-shocking collar is rechargeable. It takes up to 2 hours for fully charged and lasts for 3 days. The anti-over shocking design of the collar ensures prompt shock for the dogs. For the first time, it will produce beep and shock for 18 seconds. Then the duration is 34 seconds, and the whole cycle repeats for 3 times. Hope your trained pet dog will return to the boundary in the time meantime.


    • 30 days unconditional money back guarantee with 90 days manufacturer warranty
    • Adds unlimited dogs in the system at the same time
    • A completely wire-free system with 100% safe and secured containment
    • Receiver collar is waterproof and rechargeable
    • Up to 600 feet diameter coverage area


    • Easy to use and train the dog with the system
    • Powerful battery for the transmitter to last for 3 days


    • Collars battery may need to be changed soon

    #5.  Wireless Instant Fence by PetSafe with Extra Transmitter System

    Wireless Instant Fence

    Do you need to make an instant pet fence for an outdoor activity or a traveling? The PetSafe wireless instant fence helps you make an instant but powerful outdoor fencing. Though the fence is alternative to the traditional fencing, it is simple and effective.

    The fence system uses PIF-300 radio signal frequency instead of traditional bulky wire system. It seems that nothing there is to guard your pet. However, when your pooch wants to stray from the secured area, he feels a shock in the collar of his neck.

    Wait, there is more for the containment system. The wireless pet fence system is lightweight and easy to carry around anywhere. As it is portable and rechargeable, you can set anywhere especially for the outdoor activities for creating a dog park. Surprisingly, you can keep pets over 8 pounds in the containment system.

    Alternatively, even better the transmitter emits a constant radio signal to cover up to 180 feet diameter circular area. You can extend the area for additional ½ acres to make a more extensive space for pets’ playing. Also, the system needs no installation to run, and you have to plug in the transmitter into the AC adapter.


    • Portable transmitter to create wireless Pet Park for RV camping and outdoor activities
    • Covers 180 feet diameter circular area with additional ½ acres capacity included
    • Terrain topography and metal objects may interfere with the radio signal
    • Jungle and trees haven’t any effect on the radio signal frequency
    • Product refund policy with 6 days a week helpful customer care service for any emergency


    • Transmitter works perfectly in the RV camping and allows more dogs for containment
    • Hard-headed dogs get trained with the system soon


    • Metal objects and topography interfere with the radio signal

    #6.  Wireless Fence Pet Containment Systems By PetSafe

    Best Dog Containment Wireless System

    PetSafe leads the pet market with innovative and useful products. They know what the customers want and what the pets need. PetSafe waterproof dog containment system is such a wireless system to allow you set up invisible fence system in your home. The system provides simple but safe and robust containment to keep your pets against straying.

    The wireless system covers a wide circular range of up to ½ acres (180 feet in diameter). As you can’t change the area into square or rectangle, place the transmitter in the center of the pet area. It emits 17.5 KHz radio signal around your home to keep the area secured. Moreover, the completely wireless technology needs no wire to bury under the earth.

    Also, you can bring the transmitter and other necessary tools anywhere to set up a contained area as they are portable and lightweight. Just plug the transmitter and play with your four-legged companion. Moreover, the easy installation process requires no engineering knowledge to set up the containment system.

    Beyond that, the collar comes with adjustable 5 levels of static correction. It also offers a tone-only mode to ensure the warning beep. So, when the pet approaches the boundary zone, it emits warning beep signal. Moreover, being waterproof, the collar system is compatible with all climates. Moreover, the low battery indicator will alert you when o charge the battery or when to change the battery. 


    • Covers ½ acres circular range with all directions from the transmitter
    • Automatic shut-off stimulation for five minutes after 30 minutes repeating stimulation
    • Waterproof receiver collar to compatible with all climates
    • Adjustable 5 levels of static correction with a tone-only mode for easy and effective training
    • Can add unlimited dogs proficiently with each separate dog collar to receive the signal


    • Easy and no-time required to set up
    • Collars fit with medium to large pet over 8 pounds


    • Metal objects and terrain topography interfere with the radio signal
    • close
      No way to change the zone shape to a square or rectangular area

    What to consider before buying a Wireless Dog Fence

    You’ll get hundreds of dog fence in the market to meet your demand securing the safety. However, are all of the fences same in quality? Obviously not. Whether you are an expert or novice in petting dog, you must need the best tools. So, before deciding on buying safety fence for the dog, you should consider the following things


    At first, you have to keep in mind that your wireless fence should be able to cover your selected area adequately. So, take a look at your property. Determine which wireless system will work well for your place.

    A fully wireless network has a central transmitter that circularly emits radiation. The range of the radiation differs from manufacture to manufacture. So, check the range. On the other hand, a semi-wireless system relies on the antennae wires. The length of the fence along with the attached transmitter will determine the size of the fenced-in area.


    A secured boundary depends entirely on the system’s efficiency. If you install a fully wireless system, you may face some difficulties. For example, the transmitters of fully outdoor dog fence may be affected by metal or wood.

    For instance, Metal siding or nearby cars can cause interference. In this case, a semi-wireless system can perform well. You don’t need to work with those obstacles that an entirely wireless network have to deal with.

    Installation Hassle

    You need to buy a dog fence that is easier to install. In this case, a fully wireless system is more accessible to establish than a semi-wireless system. To set up a wireless, you just need to select an appropriate place where you set up the transmitter.

    However, setting up a semi-wireless system is a bit difficult. You have to dig ground about a foot, then bury the antennae wire. Then, you have to put the collar on your dog. However, the latest-designed tools can help you by simplifying the process.

    System Limits

    Some wireless systems allow adding only one collar, where some other systems enable multiple collars to cover numerous dogs. If you have multiple dogs, you must check the system limitation. For example, if a transmitter system cannot comprise at least three dogs, you should avoid that system.


    You are the only person who knows better how playful your pet is. Like this, you have to check whether the transmitter and the dog collar are durable enough. Also, you have to check the control options of the wireless system.

    Some wireless dog fences have a switch for on/off, while others have safety features that automatically shut down to prevent electric shocks. Check everything whether your dog fence system is durable enough to give your dog a comfortable feeling.

    Water Resistance

    Check if the dog fence is waterproof, weatherproof or water resistant? If it is weatherproof, it can withstand harsh weather, strong winds, and the sun rays. If the system is waterproof, the water cannot penetrate the system. Moreover, the water-resistant system can resist water but not entirely.

    Receiver Battery​​​​

    The lasting power of the fence’s battery should be considered. Some batteries last only a few days, where other batteries last for a couple of months. Also, you have to select whether the fence includes replaceable or rechargeable batteries.

    Collar Size

    The size of the collar is an essential factor. You have to check whether the size of the collar is comfortable for your pet. If the collar is too tight, it might cause suffocating. If it is too loose, vibration through static corrections won’t work correctly. So, find out a collar dog fence collar that is adjustable and flexible to your dog’s neck.

    Final Ve​​​​rdict.

    Every dog needs a playground where they can release their energy. Maybe you don’t have enough time to watch your dog when they are playing.

    Since the wireless dog fence is available in the market at low-cost, you can consider buying a system to ensure the safety. If you really want to stay safe, buy a system from these best wireless dog fences. Hope, you can give the proper value of your money, and will thank us later.

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