best martingale dog collar reviews

A dog collar, whether for training or a walk, is an absolute necessity. But the wrong collar can spell disaster, both for you and your lovable pet.

Slip collars, though a popular choice, are no good, and the risk of choking is high. Your best dog collar - Martingale collars; dog collars that offer a much safer and practical option.

Getting the best martingale dog collar takes more than just walking in a pet shop and selecting the best-looking collar in stock. Moreover, the design and material differ.

And for DIYers out there, tips and videos on how to make a martingale collar can, in most instances, take much of your time. Furthermore, the end result isn’t always perfect, not unless you’re an expert.

In this article, I give an in-depth review of the best martingale dog collars. And just for the record, these are fashionable, functional, and affordable top dog collars you can get right now.

PetSafe Martingale Dog Collar Quick Snap Buckle

PetSafe slogan, “A safe pet makes a happy owner.” Most of its products, including dog collars, live up to this expectation. Take this martingale buckle collar, for instance, it’s one of the best options out there, and for a good reason.

First, it has a nice classic look available in six solid colors. The multiple color choices add character, and for those that like to draw attention, the solid colors will suffice.

In addition to the aesthetics is a thin, breathable heavy-duty nylon webbing. It makes the collar a lot more light and comfortable. Plus, it’s stretchable for a little more give and flexibility.

Above all, nylon offers strength and resilience, which makes it tough, even for stronger breeds. Unlike leather, it makes the collar a less tempting chew toy, especially for puppies. And in case your dog likes to spend time in the water, the nylon material can handle the wetness.

Durability is not only in the nylon but also in the metal D-ring. The heavy-duty ring remains rust-resistant, even after years of use. Plus, it makes a secure lashing point. Rectangular side rings, on the other hand, make a convenient place for identification tags.

The collar slips in and out in a snap, thanks to a quick-release feature. Furthermore, it’s adjustable, and allows a custom fit, especially for a growing puppy. And whether you have the dwarfy Chihuahua or the giant Rottweiler, you have five size options for a comfortable fit.


Sturdy and long-lasting

Excellent nighttime visibility

Quick on and off


Multiple color and sizes


No dedicated loops for tags, but the metal slides serve the purpose just fine

Tends to stretch over time, but you can adjust easily for a snug fit

Max and Neo Nylon Martingale Collar

Every purchase of a Max and Neo Martingale collar is a win-win situation. You and your dog get to benefit, and so does the dog rescue team. But there’s a ton of tangible benefits from this collar, more than just opening some room for donation.

To begin with, you stand to benefit a lot from its quality construction. Take the heavy-duty nylon webbing, for instance. It makes an all-weather material that is soft to touch, but with superior strength, hence great durability.

For a martingale collar, safety lies in the fit and strap mechanism. But Max and Neo offer more than just the standards. For example, the collar boasts highly reflective stitched-on safety bands, hence better visibility in the dark.

The collar is more nylon and less metal, which results in greater strength to weight ratio. So, your dog experiences a high level of comfort.

And where there’s anything metal, there are loops or a D-ring to account for that. The D-ring is polished metal, an attention-grabber and great assurance for a scratch-free performance.

A snap-on, lockable buckle eliminates cases of accidental unclasping. The separate loop makes for perfect tags and charm combination.

Four solid colors and four sizes open up a wide range of choices. As of size, there’s something for every dog breed, from the 15-pound Poodle to the 70-plus pound Great Dane.



Snappy on and off

Dedicated loops for tags and charms

Reflective for night use

Each purchase helps a homeless dog

A wide range of colors and sizes


Sizing is a bit off, but the collar performs great.

Slightly sharp edges, but you can smooth with a lighter.

PetSafe Petite Martingale Collar

Do you own the small dog breeds, maybe a Chihuahua or Yorkshire Terrier? Well, the smallest version of PetSafe Martingale collar makes one of the best collars for puppies and small dog breeds.

For starters, it’s a classic collar minus the quick-snap closure. Getting in and out might not be a snap, but once in place, the level of safety and comfort is impressive. After all, it just takes seconds to slip in and out of your dog’s neck.

The collar material is soft nylon. It holds up pretty well in all kinds of weather, be it under rain or shine. Plus, it’s proof against normal wear and tear..

A D-ring provides an excellent lashing point. And one advice for those that plan to hang tags on the D-ring, please don’t do it. The better option is to hang on the little plastic piece. In so doing, you’ll significantly cut back on the noise.

PetSafe petite collar is not only durable and practical but also one of the most affordable options. So, at last, we have something pretty cool for a tight budget.


Lightweight construction

Available in different widths

Cuts back on the noise significantly

Much comfortable for daily wear


Size is small, but then, it’s for puppies and small breeds

No opening mechanism, but slips on well

EzyDog Checkmate Martingale-Style

Enters EzyDog Checkmate, a Martingale collar that meets the demands of the rugged outdoor lifestyle. Besides, it makes a unique and highly functional collar for dog correction and training.

It is, in many ways, a step-up from the traditional Martingale collars. And the difference is evident, both in the features and purpose.

First, the collar puts more focus on dog training and correction, rather than regular use. And for the features, you need to adjust only once for each fit. Plus, the unique design makes the cinch highly responsive with each tug.

Second, a low profile allows the collar to sit comfortably on the dog’s neck, and in most cases, makes an excellent feature for therapy. The collar material is rugged, heavy-duty nylon. That means strength, durability, and a bonus of highly reflective stitches.

Furthermore, it fits and comes out in a snap, thanks to a quick-clip buckle system. Plus, a rust-resistant stainless steel D-ring makes a secure, lifelong lashing point.

EzyDog Checkmate does not only keep you in ultimate control but also offers multiple sizing and color options. It’s available in four sizes and a whopping eight colors. Remember, the collar works best with EzyDog’s innovative harnesses and leashes.


Well-built and good looking

Easy-to-adjust velcro strap

Reflective stitching

Beefy, durable buckle


Separate loop for tags

Multiple sizing and color options


Velcro tends to stick out, but overall performance is good

The material is a little stiff but works fine.

Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Color

Lurchers, especially sighthounds, need a special Martingale collar for better protection. Reason - they have fine, narrow heads relative to their necks. And for that, you have the Blueberry Martingale collar.

To begin with, the ability to personalize the collar is perhaps the most attractive feature. For instance, you can have your pet’s name or owner’s phone number embroidered on the collar. As a result, it makes your pet easy to identify if they get lost.

Blueberry is a classic collar that’s both practical and reliable. Nylon material and durable hardware provide more robust yet comfortable everyday wear.

Better still, the collar has polished D-rings and comes in a choice of nineteen fabric colors. In other words, it presents a significant opportunity to make a selection that showcases your dog’s unique style. Add that to reflective stitching, and you have a collar that’s easy to pick out in the dark.

Blueberry, though a no-buckle collar, makes for a comfortable and secure fit essential in dog training. The rich selection lies not only in the colors but also in the sizes. And for that, you get simple elegance in seven different sizes.

Note: Blueberry makes one of the best martingale collars for greyhounds and whippets.


Doesn’t lose shape

Good for sensitive skin

Ability to personalize

Reflective stitching

A rich selection of colors and sizes

Great for lurchers


Needs multiple adjustments, but the fit is secure

A bit noisy when you shake

Mighty Paw Training Collar

Mighty Paw is a multi-use Martingale collar; a collar that offers security and simplicity the dog needs while making a versatile choice for the owner. Better still, it excels in aesthetics, functionality, and durability, which creates an ultimate training collar.

The collar, regarding purpose, is more like a 2-in-1. Use with the chain for training mode or use the D-ring to switch to a standard collar.

Then there is the nylon material, which is gentle yet extremely effective. It offers premium quality that can withstand regular use for years to come. Plus, it’s highly reflective, which means safety in darkness.

Next is the heavy-duty chain, which is perhaps the one most significant feature that makes the collar an ultimate training companion. It’s audible for easier training and comes in durable iron for lifelong performance.

Last, a snap-on closure lets your dog in and out in seconds. Plus, it has a lightweight plastic, possibly to compensate for the weight of the chain. Three sizes and two colors are available for this collar.


Impossible to chew

Switchable between a training and a standard collar

High-quality and durable



Limited size and colors

Tends to get a little heavier for large sizes, but still keeps the comfort

Max and Neo Stainless Steel Chain Martingale Collar

“The chance to help donate to dog rescue,” well, let’s leave that for now. This collar is one of the best martingale collars with chain from Max and Neo. Best part, it retains most of the features of the chain-less model.

Whereas the chain-less collar fits regular use, the chain model focuses more on dog training. Better still, this model allows you to switch between the training collar and the standard type.

The resilient, high-strength nylon, to begin with, offers comfort and durability. A locking buckle attaches to the nylon strap making for a secure yet snappy in and out. It’s essentially escape-proof, so there’s no accidental release.

Want to clip on a charm or tag? Well, there’s a separate loop to serve the purpose. The nylon strap excels, both in durability and safety. In addition, it boasts reflective stitches, which makes for excellent nighttime visibility.

Four choices of solid colors make it a beauty to behold. Plus, there are four sizes to fit your 15-pound to 70+ pound dog.


Excellent nighttime visibility

Every purchase helps a homeless dog

Separate loop for tags and charms


Quick-release locking buckle

Impossible to chew

Multiple color and sizes


Chain adds weight as size increases, but only to a small extent.

Sizing issues, but good quality.

Best Martingale Dog Collar Buying Guide

From the best dog collar comes great satisfaction, both for the pet and its owner. But here’s the big question - what’s the criteria for choosing the best martingale collar for your dog?

To start with, each person has a different definition of the best dog collar. But let’s agree on one thing, there are specific pointers that can be of significant help in your selection process.

Some are to do with the features; others focus more on personal need, style, and the type of dog you have. Without further ado, let’s dive in and find out the must-haves and must-knows in choosing the right martingale dog collar.


Martingale collars are available in a rich selection of materials, including leather, nylon, and fabrics. Besides, each has its advantages and disadvantages, something you should consider.


Leather martingale collar, though expensive, offers ease of adjustment and comfort for everyday use. But take note; not all leathers are of the same quality. Plus, water is leather’s worst enemy. So, stay away from it if your dog likes to spend time in the water.


Next on the list is nylon, a versatile and affordable option. It’s a flexible choice, whether for training or everyday wear. Better still, it’s resistant to moisture and humidity, which makes an all-weather option. On the downside, your dog’s mouth can get caught in, especially when fighting with another dog.


Last is the fabric collar, which gives you the chance to experiment with different patterns and prints. In so doing, it makes it a whole lot easier to showcase your dog’s unique personality. However, it’s not as durable when you compare to leather and nylon. What’s more, you can only use it on an occasional basis.

Size & Width

Choose a collar with the correct size and width. And the better way to find out is to measure your dog’s neck and head. In doing so, let the tape measure sit snug, rather than tight.

For neck measurement, wrap the tape at the point where a collar normally sits. When measuring the head, consider the widest point of your dog’s head.

After the measurement, settle for a size in which it falls in between. For instance, if your measurement is 14 inches, choose a collar size of 11-15 inches.

Generally, width depends on the size of the dog. As a result, go wider for a larger dog and vice versa. For instance, a small, medium, and a large dog will do fine with a width of 3/4 inches, 1 inch, and 1.5 inches respectively.

Better still, you can settle for custom collars tailor-made to your dog’s measurements.

Closure Type

There are three primary closures for martingale dog collars:


Slip-On (with chains or rings)

Quick-Release or Side-Release

Buckle Closures

Buckle closure offers convenience. There are three choices of materials: plastic, metal, and aluminum.

For comparison, plastic is lightweight and water-resistant. Metal, often with a combination of plastic, makes for greater strength to weight ratio. Aluminum offers an ultra heavy-duty option, ideal for strong pullers or large dogs.


Slip-On closures, often combining a chain or with rings, are ideal for training purposes. Consider a plated or polished hardware for “smooth action” performance. Slip-On closures often require multiple adjustments to get the right fit.


A time-saving closure system. It makes for an easy on and off. Better still, it’s the easiest dog collar to use.


For what purpose do you want to use your martingale dog collar? Is it for training, walking, or everyday wear?

For training collars, consider one with two loops that link to a chain. A D-ring makes a handy feature for a walking collar. For everyday use, find an all-weather collar, preferably with safety features, such as LED or reflective strips.


There’s a lot to look into if you want to make the right choice for a martingale dog collar. And we hope that the above review and guide for the best martingale dog collars has, as of now, provided you with something to think of in your next purchase.

Remember, these are high-quality dog collars from one of the best brands out there. Therefore, regardless of which collar you choose from the list, bear in mind that it’s a valuable, long-life investment, both to you and your pet.

Now before you hit the purchase button or visit the pet store, how about sharing your experience or any additional information? Leave it in the comments section, and it will be of great benefit to a fellow dog owner out there.