Best Joint Supplement for Dogs 2019 – to Relieve Hip and Joint Pain

Are you looking for the best joint supplement for dogs to help ease the suffering of his/ her joint pain? Then, you’ve come to the right place.

No doubt, joint supplement is an essential aid for providing relief to dogs from pain, stiffness, and mobility. But believe it or not, the market is over- flooded with many supplements that do nothing to relief dog’s joint pain and deliver promising results.

No worry!

For you, we’ve short-listed 7 most popular, vet-recommended best dog joint supplements.

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Product Name & Core Features




NutramaxCosequin DS Plus

vet recommended
Safe & effective
Chewable & tasty

NutramaxCosequin DS Plus

Doggie Dailies Premium Joint Relief

Soft and delicious
Advanced hip & joint supplement
Made in USA

Doggie Dailies Glucosamine For Dogs

Zesty Paws Organic Supplement

Contains 92% curcuminoids
Supports joint& immune system
Promote energy& cognitive function

Zesty Paws Organic Joint Supplement

Bayer Synovi G4

NASC quality seal
Antioxidant support
Supports Muscle tone and contraction

BayerSynovi G4 Soft Chews

Infinite Pet Supplements

Human grade ingredients
vet approved & backed by science
beef liver flavor

Infinite Pet Supplements

VetriScience Laboratories GlycoFlex 3

Veterinarian Formulated
Safe & Effective
Duck & chicken liver flavor

VetriScience Laboratories GlycoFlex 3

GlycanAid-HA Advanced Joint Supplement

Highest approval rate
Balanced formulation
Incredible quality

GlycanAid-HA Advanced Joint Supplement from TopDog Health

Best Joint Supplement for Dogs 2019 updated List

NutramaxCosequin DS Plus

Did your dog have trouble jumping, running, or using stairs? Or did he/ she feel uncomfortable while sitting, standing, or getting up from the floor? Then, Nutramax Cosequin DS Plus might be able to help.

Cosequin DS Plus is a #1 vet-recommended joint supplement that has received excellent buyer reviews and rating. It supports mobility for a healthy lifestyle and activity levels in dogs of all ages, and sizes. It’s an excellent formula for maintaining joint function for dogs too.

These tasty chewable tablets bring various benefits for joints, skin, hair, and nails. It contains the proprietary combination of glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and MSM. It helps to support healthy cartilage matrix production and helps to protect existing cartilage from breaking down.

Overall, it’s a great supplement to help get your dog back to enjoying daily activities. One warning is this supplement is not for dogs prone to kidney or bladder stone forming.

Doggie Dailies Glucosamine For Dogs

Here’s another excellent joint supplement for dogs. And this time it’s the best hip and joint supplements for dogs from Doggie Dailies. This supplement comes with all the essential ingredients required to maintain your dog’s natural energy and strength.

This supplement is ideal for dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes. It contains six powerful blends of ingredients in every chew that helps to improve mobility and increases natural energy levels.

It works to lubricate joints, and reduce inflammation. This specially formulated supplement delivers essential enzymes, mineral, vitamins, and nutrients for allowing your dog to live a healthier life.

It supports healthy cartilage and promotes healthy hips, joints, and ligaments. Moreover, it eases pain and discomfort from aging, injury, hip dysplasia or arthritis of your dog.

Zesty Paws Organic Joint Supplement

Are you searching around for different brands of best dog supplements made with all natural ingredients? Then, Zesty Paws Organic supplement is the product you’re looking for.

These chewable supplements feature a blend of premium (natural & organic) ingredients to ensure the nourishment that your dog needs to enjoy happier and healthier lives.

One of its ingredients is Qmin that helps to promote proper digestive function, joint health and immune system. Its other ingredients BioPerine helps to increase the absorption of vital nutrients.

There is also organic turmeric to relieve discomfort associated with arthritis and joint pain. Moreover, coconut oil supports joint health, weight control, energy levels, and cognitive function.

Finally, it’s one of the very affordable options that offers fantastic quality making it the perfect choice for your four-legged furry friends.

The only downside of this product is that some dogs may not like its turmeric smell.

BayerSynovi G4 Soft Chews

As dogs get older natural wear and tear affects their joint health and flexibility. But getting older doesn't have to mean feeling older. Bayer Synovi G4 is particularly useful when it comes to helping your dog maintain a healthy lifestyle and mobility as they age.

It’s an easy to administer supplement that supports the joint health and well-being of dogs of all ages and breeds. This multimodal formulation can be the first step in a total health management protocol.

This supplement helps the joint health and function support with ingredients such as Glucosamine, manganese sulfate, and Omega-3 fatty acids.

One of its components Boswellia serrate provides added benefit for dog’s joint health. This ingredient has been demonstrated to reduce inflammation, and to help support connective tissue component. Moreover, at differing dosages of Boswellia serrate has been shown to help with discomfort due to daily activities.

Synovi G4 also contains Creatine Monohydrate and natural amino acids to provide muscle tone and contraction support assistance for an aging dog. Plus this supplement offers antioxidant support.

Overall, the unique combination of various ingredients of this supplement supports the whole body system of your dog.

Infinite Pet Supplements

If you’re looking for a pet supplement with human grade all natural ingredients, then Infinite Pet Supplements can be your perfect choice.  The unique combination and ideal ratio of four proven ingredients of this supplement help to maximize safety and effectiveness.

This supplemnt is made with pride in the USA. What’s more, it doesn’t contain any harmful additives or ingredients. So, it’s perfect and safe for large and small dogs, Hip dysplasia and dogs having most joint problems.

Infinite Pet Supplements contains nature’s most potent anti-inflammatory organic turmeric curcumin. This component helps to reduce dog arthritis and improve heart health. It’s also effective to treat stomach ailments and weight management.

It’s backed by science & vet approved. So you can buy it with confidence to free your dog from the agony of joint pain and feel young again…no matter his/ her age. Your dog must love this chewable beef liver flavored treat.

VetriScience Laboratories GlycoFlex 3

​​GlycoFlex 3 is one of the best joint supplements for very active and competitive dogs designed to maintain joint comfort and mobility through all the stages of his/ her life.

It’s also safe to use for pets showing more severe indicators of aging and discomfort as well as dogs with limited mobility or in recovery after orthopedic surgery.

The formulation uses high levels of glucosamine, MSM, and Perna that provide maximum joint support. Additionally, it features manganese, vitamin C and glutathione for better absorption and immune support.

Lastly, GlycoFlex 3 is available in easy to give tablets or soft chews and delicious chicken liver or duck flavor.

GlycanAid-HA Advanced Joint Supplement from TopDog Health

Our final pick is this GlycanAid-HA Advanced Joint Supplement from TopDog Health. Veterinarians recommend these chewable tablets all across the world and popular among the dog owners because they work.

This supplement comes with everything your dog’s joints need to Get, Feel & Stay Healthy for years to come. The hand-selected natural ingredients help to ensure the maximum degree of support to improve joint comfort and mobility.

If your dog is in recovery after any major orthopedic surgery and requires advanced joint support, then this supplement will provide the essential ingredients.

Interestingly, 9 out of 10 dogs like the taste of this formula thinking it’s treat. In fact, it’s a treat with massive benefits.


This review is specially created to help dog parents to find the right joint supplement for their dog efficiently and quickly.

We hope that this list of the best joint supplement for dogs was sufficient to help you make a great choice for your furry friend.

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