Top 10 Best Cheap Dog Beds 2018 Guide & Reviews

Are you looking for the best cheap dog bed for your dog? We spend a maximum time in our bed, and it is not just for sleeping. The same thing also happens to our favorite pets, they love to relax and sleep. That’s why it is important to give the perfect place where they can easily sleep and rest. Having the best dog bed in which your dog can rest and relax is not just a pleasure but also the necessity!

We always think that the bigger the investment the better we get. But this concept is not always true. You can also be benefited by investing less if you can choose the product through proper research. Don’t worry, we are here to assist you. We research and experiment on various dog beds in the market and finally listed 10 best dog beds for you. Keep reading!





Price Details

Best Cheap Dog Beds

1. Flexible and comfortable,
2. Build with non-toxic substances

AirLOFT fibe, pet-safe materials

1. Super soft polyester body and luxurious design,
2. Orthopedic Foam helps to reduce joint pain and improve health.

Ultra Soft Polyester, Cotton-Padded Rim

Premium Orthopedic Shredded Memory Foam Dog

1. Protection against stains, splashes, and spills

2. Ideal for dogs of all sizes

Easy washable zipper cover

1. Flat design and perfect size

2. Affordable price with high durability

CertiPUR-US® Certified Polyurethane Foam

1.High durablity and 100% pure cotton denim cover

2.Highly density 4 inch memory foam

MEMORY FOAM, polyester (65%) & cotton (35%) twill

1. 2 layers of fabric for protection
2. 100% cotton canvas and durable zipper

Premium Therapeutic Memory Foam Is Certipur-US Certified

Furhaven Pet Orthopedic Luxe Lounger Pet Bed

1. High quality and ergonomic design
2. Helps to cradle the body of your pets

Medical-Grade Foam, Water-Resistant Polycanvas Base Panel

Cozy Cave Pet Bed in Poly Cotton

1.Portable, ideal bed for all types of dog
2.Easily washed and clean

Waterproof and cushion cover

Bagel Dog Bed by Majestic Pet Products

1.Resistant to scratches and moisture
2.Ergonomic and healthy design

Soft durable polyester / cotton

1.Easy to wash and clean. Resistant to liquids
2.Ideal for orthopedic dog

Durable, soft nylon

10 Best Cheap Dog Beds Reviews

Best Cheap Dog Beds

Every pet loves to sleep/rest in a good bed where they love. This why every pet lovers always search for such a bed where their dogs sleep and take rest comfortably and peacefully. For this purpose, we’ve chosen a premium quality bed with pet safe materials that assure the restful sleep of your pet.

All the materials are pet-safe and non-toxic. It’s oxford fabric and virgin Airloft fiber makes it extra durable and away from dust. And of course, the bed is fully waterproof. All the cover and zipper are removable and machine washable and dryable.

Having the self-warming facilities it provides the best performance of a pet’s sleeping. If you are searching for a best cheap dog’s bed, this item will be ideal for your lovely pet!

This bed is very much luxurious and flexible to fix the sleeping position which is healthy and effective for your pet’s behavior.

What We Liked :

  • Ensure comfortable sleeping and better health
  • check
    Flexible and comfortable to fix the sleeping position with the self-warming system
  • check
    Easy to wash in a machine
  • check
    Build with pet-safe and non-toxic substances

What We Didn't Like :

  • No cons experienced!

It is scientifically proved that a dog’s habits improve on a beautiful sleeping place. So, you can easily understand the importance of a good quality bed where your dog can sleep/rest peacefully. Sometimes people search for a large bed for their dog as their size is extra-large.

So, this item is prepared for those dogs that need extra space for their sleeping area. For this convenience, BarksBar prepared the best quality bed for your dog! All of the materials and features takes any pet-lover minds!

The large orthopedic sleeper with the dimension of 40” x 30” x 10" that ideal for large size dogs. It’s ultra-super soft polyester gives it a luxurious lookup.

Its orthopedic foam gives it more comfortable to take rest or, sleep and assure the good bones joint and health. Every part of this dog's beds is easily removable and cleanable. If you need a cheap large dog bed, this item is best and undoubtedly packable!

What We Liked :

What We Didn't Like :

  • This extra-large size may be looked ugly for extra small dogs

Premium Orthopedic Shredded Memory Foam Dog

The best memory dog bed for an orthopedic dog is made for easy care and extra comfort. The bed made with breathable water resistant internal and external cover that is easily washable and dry-able. For securing the stuffing it is prepared with 2 layers of waterproof internal cover. All the premium quality materials, high luxurious features providing the deluxe mood of your dog. Having the extra large bed your dog will be easily able to align its body perfectly.

The water-resistant internal zipper cover and fabric on the bottom side allows sufficient air circulation. The quality features with modern construction of the bed ensure properly aligned of the body without pain.

 It is advised by many veterinarians that this bed is healthy for any types of pet. This orthopedic dog bed also helps to remove achy joints, hip dysplasia, and arthritis. The dog bed is perfect for large, medium or small dogs.

What We Liked :

  • Maximum comfort for your puppy thanks to its excellent manufacturing materials
  • check
    Protection against stains, splashes, and spills
  • check
    Easy cleaning Its covers can be removed to wash in the washing machine
  • check
    Great value for the price
  • check
    Ideal for dogs of all sizes

What We Didn't Like :

  • Not so perfect for older dogs
  • Washing is a little hard

One of the smartest and beautifully designed bed for a dog is FurHaven Deluxe Orthopedic Pet Bed. It is medically certified that this bed can provide joint support of your pet and gives it more restorative sleep. It's CertiPUR-US® Certified Polyurethane Foam makes it softer and pet-friendly. And a research has been taken to check how the pets feel on it. It is proved that all the pets love to stay on it in a very short time.  The dimension of 44" x 35" is perfect for a medium-large pet dog. The egg crate foam safe the joint of your pets. This will be an ideal bed for your dog if it is big as it's dimension.

One of the smartest and beautifully designed bed for a dog is FurHaven Deluxe Orthopedic Pet Bed. It is medically certified that this bed can provide joint support of your pet and gives it more restorative sleep. It's CertiPUR-US® Certified Polyurethane Foam makes it softer and pet-friendly. And a research has been taken to check how the pets feel on it.

It is proved that all the pets love to stay on it in a very short time.The dimension of 44" x 35" is perfect for a medium-large pet dog. The egg crate foam safe the joint of your pets. This will be an ideal bed for your dog if it is big as it's dimension.

Highly desired and beautiful variety of colors makes it more gorgeous. It also protects your furniture and floor from dander, dirt, and fur. The 3” thick height is perfect for any types of dog. So, if you are wishing to get a bed like, you can buy it undoubtedly.

What We Liked :

  • Flat design and perfect size
  • check
    Affordable price with high durability
  • check
    Easily washable and bridgeable
  • check
    Made with the best component of CertiPUR-US® Certified Polyurethane Foam

What We Didn't Like :

  • Not recommended for teething behavior dogs.

It is desired for every dog with having durable, flexible, comfortable, waterproof with memory foam bed, well sizes and ranges. If all of these features are included in a bed, your dog will definitely love it to play/sleep/rest on it. And honestly, all of the facilities are included with this product.

It comes with a variety of colors and sizes as your pet needed. All the premium materials and smart design make it more attractive. Its cover can easily replaceable and you can get it separately. It has the most comfortable polyester and cotton twill for your small dog. 

Its removable cover can be washed in washing machine. And definitely, this item is waterproof and assure you the highest durability that gives you a peace of mind.

Affordable price and user-friendly features make it more attractive to all pet lovers. So, if you want such like a heavy duty item, you can pick this one.

What We Liked :

  • High durability and 100% pure cotton denim cover
  • check
    Easily removable and washable inner
  • check
    Highly density 4-inch memory foam
  • check
    Simple design and affordable price

What We Didn't Like :

  • May need to wash the cover frequently

With high-density premium quality memory foam which is Certipur-US certified that naturally gives your dog a beautiful health and relief from the pain of artistic and remove pain from joint and hip. Having 2 layers of fabric protection it gives you waterproof internal liner.

The different sizes and color ensure you the perfect matching size for you lovey cats and dogs. For user’s convenience, all materials have the cotton canvas with the zipper. 

It is said that the foam used in this bed is five times denser than normal foam. So, you can easily realize that this product gives you the best service and high durability.

This is the item is very much easy for maintenance. For promotion, a brown microsuede zipper cover is added with it that’s helps the bed from being dirt frequently.

What We Liked :

  • Easily maintainable and washable
  • check
    More than 10 different colors and size
  • check
    Long lasting quality provides you a peace of mind

What We Didn't Like :

  • No cons experienced!

If you want a bed for your pets that recommended and trusted veterinarian, you can use this item for your dog. The contour design helps to adapt easily to your pets.

Its color variety will match with your dog very easily and will love to take rest/sleep on it. Its polycanvas base panel resists from the water.

This step-on bed is ergonomically-designed for easily accessible for all sizes of pets and get super soft sleeping space. 

You can simply remove its cover, zip closed and wash it in a washing machine. So, definitely, this product is one of the best for your dog.

What We Liked :

  • Super soft sleeping surface
  • check
    CertiPUR-US certified the USA sourced and prepared the foam
  • check
    Easily machine and hand washable
  • check
    High-quality and ergonomic design

What We Didn't Like :

  • Not recommended for teethy behavior pets

The Cozy Cave Pet bed is an elegant and comfortable bed made to provide the best rest to your puppy. It is made with durable materials.

The affordable dog bed is waterproof and the cushion cover can easily get into the washing machine.

Its materials prevent it from getting dirty easily. The affordable dog bed is adaptable to hot and cold seasons easily. 

Very comfortable, perfect for medium and large dogs. Soft, comfortable and very cozy. Perfect for dogs that like to sleep snuggled.

What We Liked :

  • Available in 3 different size
  • check
    Available in 6 different color
  • check
    Can be washed easily
  • check
    Portable, ideal bed for all types of dog
  • check
    Manufactured with high quality materials and durability.

What We Didn't Like :

  • Not so perfect for small dogs

The Bagel Dog Bed is available in four different sizes to perfectly match the size of your dog. Excellent bed made with quality and durable materials.

It is easy to wash and clean because it is made of soft durable polyester/cotton. The cheap dog bed is also resistant to water and liquids.

Made with high quality materials that allow its use both inside and outside the home. 

It gives maximum comfort for your puppy thanks to its excellent manufacturing materials. It allows your dog to rest his head that is very essential to strengthen spines.

What We Liked:

  • Available in 6 different colors
  • check
    Available on 4 different sizes
  • check
    Resistant to scratches and moistureIdeal for dogs of all sizes
  • check
    Ergonomic and healthy design

What We Didn't Like :

  • Durable but little noisy
  • Hard to wash at home

Make your pet have the most relaxing and happy naps with a durable, comfortable and beautifully designed bed, in addition to being made of a resistant and comfortable material. It has a softness that your dog will love.

Durable waterproof dog bed provides extra comfort for your furry friend, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Machine washable, it is not necessary to reassemble after washing. Fashion design and high-quality material, with that your pet, will enjoy the bed and have a great sleep experience.

What We Liked :

  • Comfortable dog bed in any type of weather or climate
  • check
    Easy to clean and dry-able
  • check
    It is soft and warm in winter because of its knitted corduroy
  • check
    Perfect for any types of dogs
  • check
    Available in 7 different colors

What we Didn't Like :

  • Not so sturdy
  • close
    Not perfect for chewers

What are the advantages of dog beds?

Beyond offering your dog a place to rest, dog beds have other advantages:

Isolates the temperature of the loose, both heat and cold.

It offers you a quiet place where you can relax without being bothered by anyone.

If your dog is afraid a bed provides security.

The dog is taught to sleep in a specific place in the house, thus preventing him from climbing on the sofa or bed, which can lead to behavioral problems.

If your dog is older and has osteoarthritis or hip dysplasia on the market there are orthopedic beds for dogs.

Tips to choose the best bed for dogs

The bed, along with the feeder, is the first product for dogs that we should buy when we decide to adopt a dog. But, which is the most suitable for my dog? What is better a square or round bed? A dog sofa or a padded bed? Below, we give you the steps you must take into account when choosing or buying a dog bed.

The bed of the dog is important so that it is quickly integrated into the home, and it is that this will become your refuge, your special corner of the house. Remember that your faithful friend should not sleep with you in your bed, if not yours.

Large or Small Dog Bed - Right size

The size of your dog is an important point to consider when buying a bed for the dog, since a smaller bed will give him discomfort, and a large one will not provide him with security.

If you choose a bed depending on the size of adult you will see that your puppy is big, Do not worry, there is a very easy solution that will make your puppy feel protected, and is to fill the gaps left over with cushions or blankets.

Dog bed waterproof and easy to wash and clean

Finally, you should note that the dog bed is adjustable and easy to clean to maintain perfect hygiene. There are models in the market that allow you to put them in the washing machine which will allow you to have your dog's bed cleaner and free of mites and bacteria.

Pet bed easy to move

It is always a good option to choose a dog bed that is simple to move and transport. Since if we go on a trip or go on vacation with our dog, he will appreciate that we bring his bed with him.

Bed for unbreakable and resistant dogs

Normally a dog, no matter how docile or calm, will always be a dog with nails and legs, so when buying a dog bed you should not skimp on the type of material so you will have less chance of not break. It is recommended that this material is very resistant and easy to clean.

Way of sleeping

If your hairy loves to sleep, throw a ball at any time of the year, choose a bed with padded edges, and better if it is oval or round. In this way you will feel more protected and comfortable. On the other hand, if it is to rest stretched, the best bed is rectangular and without any edge.

Season of the year

There are beds for winter and beds for summer. Everything depends on the materials with which they were made. When it's cold, you can use a plush that protects it from low temperatures. When it's hot, a mattress-type cooling mat so it does not transpire too much and end up sleeping on the floor.


Where will you want to place your dog's bed? If you do not have too much space, but one that, while it is comfortable for your pet, does not "over" it as for another animal (unless you have more than one at home). If the bed will be placed outdoors, you can buy some outdoor specials with waterproof materials that prevent deterioration so quickly.

Dog habits

Keep in mind that some peludines may want to bite the bed if it is made of wicker (basket type), or maybe urinate on it. Do not forget these questions before buying the place to sleep.

Frequently Ask Questions

Is these beds machine washable?

Ans: Yes. All of these bags are machine washable. For the best use, you should follow the instructions of each item to wash in the machine.

How do I get high durability dogs bed?

Ans: Actually durability depends on ways of uses. If you use it regularly without any care, you won’t get good durability.

How do I use a dogs bed?

Ans: All the instructions of use are written down as a user manual that helps you to use it properly.

Are these beds waterproof?

Ans: Yes. All of these beds are waterproof with water guard panel.

How to get your dog to accept your new bed

There are dogs that welcome your new bed and others that reject it or simply do not use it. This is usually very frequent due to the rejection that can generate something that is completely new to them, especially due to their smell totally unknown to them. A tip that can help you to accept your dog bed without problems is to use objects with their own smell and leave them in their new bed, whether a blanket for dogs, toys or other objects. Surely your puppy will not see the new bed as a strange thing and will have more interest in using it. Enjoy your rest!

Final Verdict:

After analyzing more than 15 beds for dogs and listening to the opinions of experts and consumers, the Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort for dogs for 2018 due to its high quality and comfort. It is specially designed for dogs with bone problems, relieving their pains. This makes any dog, regardless of whether it has bone or muscle problems, adore the bed and rest for long periods of time.


Michael A Sullivan is a dedicated dog lover, a veterinarian and pet advisor. He’s working for more than 10 years with the intentions of helping pet owners to overcome some of their most pressing issues with their pets. He’s also a passionate blogger and expertise in writing about all types of pets. He’s continuously working to develop in understanding dog behavior and skill. Moreover, he helps new Dog owners to choose the best products for their furry friend canine.

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