10 Best Inexpensive Dog Beds under 100 of 2022

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Dogs need love too! One way of showing affection to your canine best friend is by giving them the ultimate in comfort. That means a cozy bed to lie on. And with so many inexpensive dog beds available for selection, you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to make your pooch feel snug.

Since you’re here, how about we help you pick the best affordable dog beds for your favorite pet. Keep in mind that a dog can spend up to 80% of its day in bed – snoozing, sleeping and just hanging out. So buying the best cheap dog beds for it might just be the best gesture on your part.

best cheap dog bed

Consider a bed that combines comfort, easy maintenance, and durability. Obviously, you need to be looking at the best priced dog beds, but at the same time, you need one that’s not so hard to clean. Keep in mind that dogs bring a lot of dirt from outside. Plus, some chew and scratch the bed during play, and that’s where durability comes in.

We took into account all those factors when selecting these 10 of the best budget dog beds. Let’s get right on the review, shall we?

Our Top Picks – Quick Comparison

Here is an updated List of the Best Budget & inexpensive Dog Beds under $100 to 150 of 2022

1. Petfusion Ultimate Dog Bed Lounge -PF-IBL1

If you’ve been wondering where to get cheap dog beds, then you may want to try PetFusion PF-IBL1. The world-renowned company produces top-notch products for pets, including inexpensive pet beds like this top rated Petfusion ultimate dog bed.

Made with 4 inches of memory foam, this Petfusion ultimate pet bed rates among the best cheap dog beds because of its excellent design. While the water-resistant and tear-resistant cover guarantees durability, the bed’s bolsters ensure safety and comfort. They are made from recycled polyfill.

Features and Benefits

Snuggly design: in addition to a non-skid bottom that increases safety, this cheap bed for dogs has a bolster cushion that provides support and comfort for the head and neck

Waterproof lining: enclosing the memory foam is a waterproof cover that protects the bed in case of spillages

Machine-washable cover: the outer cover cleans easily. That easy maintenance makes the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed one of the best low price dog beds

High-quality materials: the memory foam used is well complemented by a polyfill bolster and polyester cotton cover. All materials are durable and skin-friendly


  • One of the most comfortable cheap dog beds
  • Outer cover is water-resistant and tear-resistant
  • Available in 4 different sizes
  • Can be used for large dogs or several smaller dogs


  • Could use some more padding

2. Dogbed4less Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

Dogbed4less gel memory foam orthopedic option is the best affordable dog beds for extra-large dogs that offers the best value for the money. then this top rated Dogbed4less Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed would be the clear winner. We consider it the best budget dog bed available due to its wide range of features & Waterproof Internal Liner with Durable Denim Cover

It doesn’t have lots of bells and whistles but it combines a waterproof liner with two external covers to keep your beloved pet comfortable. this Dogbed4less orthopedic dog bed in seven different sizes for you to choose one according to the size of your pet dog.

The machine-washable covers are easy-to-remove and therefore easy to maintain. If you feel that two won’t be enough you can always buy a few extras from Dogbed4less. That will go a long way in ensuring that your low price dog bed always looks fresh as new.

Features and Benefits

Made from gel-infused, hypoallergenic, high-density memory foam: the material makes it an excellent orthopedic resting surface, and therefore one of the best affordable pet beds out there for older dogs or those with joint problems.

Breathable cover: the cotton denim-made cover is breathable and offers a cool sleeping surface

Waterproof zipper: just under the external cover is a waterproof zipper cover that protects the bed in case of spillages or if the dog is wet.

7 sizes: available in seven different sizes from 35 x 20 x 4 inches to 55 x 47 x 4 inches. You can use the same brand as your dog grows.


  • 4-inch hypoallergenic memory foam is orthopedic and therapeutic
  • Comes with two covers for one dog bed
  • Doesn’t flatten in the middle (or anywhere really)
  • Sleeping surface stays cool even in warm weather


  • Not suitable for heavy chewing dogs
  • Sides do not have a bolster or any kind of support

3. KOPEKS Memory Foam Dog Bed with Pillow & Wash Removable Cover

If you’re on the market for affordable large dog beds, then you’re in luck. This 7-inch thick removable cover dog bed from KOPEKS dog-bed-xl falls in the same price range as cheapest small dog beds. Yet its sheer size tells you that it can support the biggest canine in the house.

The thick memory foam is completely hypoallergenic. On one end of the bed is a pillow on which your pooch can rest the head. More importantly, the bed’s micro-suede cover is not only eye-catchy but also comfortable to the extreme.

Features and Benefits

7-inch thickness: sufficiently thick for dogs with arthritis or joint/muscle-related problems.

Anti-slip bottom: ensures that the bed doesn’t move and that your best friend is secure.

Easy maintenance: the outer cover is machine-washable. Additionally, it is made of high quality suede to give your dog maximum comfort.

Water-resistance: the inner liner is water resistant. If you want an alternative you can buy a waterproof cover for the bed from KOPEKS.


  • Very attractive and comfortable suede cover
  • Made with high-grade memory foam for durability
  • Pillow adds that extra comfort
  • Large enough to be used by two dogs


  • Needs time to expand after purchase
  • Not ideal for heavy chewing dogs

4. Furhaven Pet Dog Bed Cooling Gel Therapeutic Sofa-Style Jumbo

Who said dogs don’t deserve some L-shaped fun? They certainly do, and you can treat your favorite pet to that kind of fun with this low price dog bed from Furhaven. Made with plush fur and suede bolsters, the L-shaped bed provides maximum comfort to your furry friend.

The bed’s gel-infused memory foam gives it the durability it is known for. Two sides of the bed have railings that are cushioned with fluff. In addition to keeping the dog safe in the bed, the railings offer orthopedic benefits. They support the dog’s spine, hips and back.

Features and Benefits

L-shape design: your pup can rest its head on the cushioned bolsters that exist on two sides of the bed.

Gel-infused memory foam: this particular bed is made using gel foam. The material is strong enough to last several years yet soft on the dog’s hips and back. You can get the same bed with plain memory foam or orthopedic foam.

Jumbo size: this is a jumbo size measuring 44 x 35 x 8 inches. It has enough surface for medium to large dogs. There are 7 other sizes to choose from, including small, medium and large.

Washable cover: the top cover is removable and machine washable. Maintaining the bed shouldn’t be a hard task.


  • Unique L-shaped design
  • Comes with wonderful customer support from Furhaven
  • Offered in several colors
  • Easy to keep clean thanks to the washable cover


  • Not meant for chewing and clawing dogs
  • Tends to sink slightly when a large dog lies on it

5. Best Friends by Sheri Cozy Cuddler

Looking for cute cheap dog beds? Best Friends by Sheri dog bed have got you covered. This cozy and snuggly bed has 12-inch high walls that surround your furry best friend. It has a slightly tilted front (9 inches high) where the dog can rest its head.

The material used in stuffing – AirLOFT fiber – is not just durable but soft as well. So is the Sherpa fabric that forms the outer cover. It’s a bit furry and gives your pet dog feelings of being cuddled. That’s what makes it one of the best cheap cute dog beds for small dogs.

Features and Benefits

Round and deep design: the bed snuggles your dog, keeping it warm and comfortable in cold weather.

Orthopedic: its 12-inch wall absorbs more weight and offers support to the dog’s joints and muscles. This is important for older or arthritic dogs.

Waterproof bottom: not only protects your pooch from getting wet in case the floor gets damp but also protects the floor in case the dog gets in the bed while wet.

Cleans easily: the outer cover is machine washable and can be changed.


  • One of the cutest cheap small dog beds on the market
  • Fabrics used are cozy and likeably soft
  • Can be used by cats as well
  • Sturdy back wall provides maximum support


  • Ideal for small dogs. Supports a maximum of 25 pounds
  • Heavy chewing can damage the material

6. BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed

This BarksBar orthopedic dog bed is a great pick for pet owners with medium or large-sized dogs. While the length can fit up to 36 inches, the weight capacity is rated for 100 pounds or more. For the price, you’re actually looking at one of the most affordable large dog beds.

BarksBar Large Orthopedic Dog Bed’s construction is not a letdown either. The base features a 3.5-inch, high-grade foam that doesn’t sink in even after years of use. It has a cotton-padded bolster that runs all-round the entire bed, offering orthopedic support as well as security. The zippered outer cover is made of polyester and has the best quilting that you will see in a cheap dog bed.

Features and Benefits

Easy to clean: the machine-washable cover is easy to remove and clean.

Non-slip bottom: the bed’s bottom is made of rubber to prevent it from sliding on the floor.

Large size: the large-sized bed measures 40 inches long and 30 inches wide. That’s more than what a typical large dog needs. There’s a medium-sized one that measures 32 x 22 inches.

Orthopedic design: the foam base and bolster support structure guarantee therapeutic rest for your pup.


  • Cotton-padded walls contour to your dog’s neck to offer support
  • Cover is made from soft polyester and features exquisite quilt work
  • It is machine washable and therefore easy to clean
  • Plenty of room for your dog to rest and feel comfortable
  • this dog beds Can be used outdoors


  • Not suitable for small dogs

7. Dogbed4less 50SB Extra Large Orthopedic Shredded Memory Foam Dog Bed

Dogbed4less 50SB has some of the best deals on dog beds, and now you can get your hands on the Premium Orthopedic Shredded Memory Foam Dog Bed on a low budget. The USA-made bed features stuffing made from shredded polyurethane and polyfill.

In addition to providing a comfortable surface, these materials make the bed pretty durable.

They are well complemented with the taffeta-made internal cover that is water-resistant and suede-made external cover.

The latter is not only machine-washable but also breathable. That ought to put your mind at peace, at least as far as comfort and spillage are concerned.

Features and Benefits

160-pound weight capacity: can support very large dogs thanks to the 10 inches of polyfill and polyurethane fill.

Orthopedic support: the filling doubles up as support for your dog’s joints and muscles. This is important for ageing or arthritic dogs.

Double-layered cover: the zippered internal cover protects the memory foam as the external cover snuggles your pet dog.

Handmade craftsmanship: The American-made dog bed has excellent quality for durability.


  • Fits small and large pet dogs as well
  • External cover is removable and machine-washable
  • Suede material keeps the bed breathable and cool
  • Available in different sizes and colors. You can also buy a replacement cover.


  • Lacks bolsters that prevent dogs from rolling to the floor
  • Not meant for heavy chewing or scratching

 8. Snoozer Cozy Cave Pet Bed

The beauty of this snuggler pet bed is that it’s ideal for dogs, cats and pretty much any other pet that weighs under 85 pounds. But since we’re talking about cheap dog beds, you may want to know that it’s one of the best for your pup.

It comes in three sizes: small, large and extra-large.

Whichever one you choose, you will get a nice bed with poly filling, a Sherpa interior and poly cotton or micro-suede exterior. The cave-like design keeps the dog warm during the cold season while the Sherpa material cools the sleeping surface when temperatures rise.

Features and Benefits

Zippered cover: the machine-washable external cover is easy to remove. Maintenance will feel like a breeze.

 Furry surface: it is reminiscent of a pup’s cuddly moments with its mother or playmate.

 High-quality construction: polyfill, poly cotton, and Sherpa combine to give the bed a touch of luxury.

Orthopedic insert: the extra foam inserted in the bed provides support to your dog


  • Comes in over 40 colors, including red, blue, khaki and olive
  • Blanket-like cover keeps your furry pal warm
  • Easy to clean
  • One of the most stylish yet inexpensive pet beds


  • Doesn’t have a non-skid bottom
  • Tends to flatten out on the sides after some use

9. Bagel Pet Dog Bed by Majestic Pet Products

This oval orthopedic dog bed has a super-soft loft that’s made of polyester fiber to keep your canine friend comfortable. Its waterproof base is made from 300/600 denier which protects the bed from spillages and keeps the fiber dry. The outer cover is made from poly-cotton. It is zippered for easy removal when you need to clean the bed.

All around the bed is a bolster on which your dog can rest its head. Besides, the bolster offers spine support, which in turn makes this oval orthopedic dog best one of the best for older or arthritic dogs.

Features and Benefits

Premium construction: it is one of those cheap but good beds because of the materials used. A combination of polyester fill, waterproof denier and poly-cotton give it the reputation for quality.

 40-inch length: this particular version is 40 inches in length and has a width of 29 inches. That’s sufficient for most small to medium-sized dogs. If you want something bigger you can consider the 52-inch and if you’re looking for a smaller version, then the 32-inch or 24-inch option makes sense.

Orthopedic support: the soft yet sturdy bolster offers support for the head, neck, back, and joints.

Machine-washable: simply throw the entire bed in a washing machine to clean and then dryer to dry.


  • Very durable
  • Comes in various sizes from small to oversize
  • Waterproof cover protects the bed as well as floor
  • Ply-cotton provides a soft and warm surface for your dog to rest on


  • Washing is quite a hassle since the cover is not removable
  • Produces squeaky sounds when the dog makes sudden movements

10. Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed Lounge Sofa – PET63PC4291

Couches make the best dog bed alternatives, at least from the perspective of dogs. It’s not uncommon to find your dog curled up on the couch with its head on the armrest. You can give it the same cozy feeling with the Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed.

Despite its low profile (only 9 inches high), this Friends Forever PET63PC4291 Mattress Memory-Foam Premium Prestige Edition dog bed features a headrest and bolster cushion that prevents your pet from rolling over. It is orthopedic and therefore will enable your dog to relax and rest its joints and muscles.

Features and Benefits

Uniquely shaped: dog can rest snuggly on the bed with the head on the pillow

Cleans easily: removable suede cover is comfortable and machine-washable

Orthopedic design: 4-inch mattress provides amazing hip support

75 pounds’ weight capacity: you can use the bed for one large dog or multiple smaller ones


  • Made with durable memory foam
  • Suede cover is soft and comfortable
  • Polyfilled bolster creates a safe environment for the dog
  • Encased in protective cover


  • Might not fit a really grown large dog
  • Color options are limited

The Final Word

There you have it, our Reviews of the top rated affordable dog bed covering 10 of the best budget dog beds to buy available on the market. Each one of them is affordable yet doesn’t compromise quality. Just make sure that you choose one whose size matches your dog’s size. You may also want to check the material used. Some dogs are heavy chewers and will damage soft covers. Be sure to read about that again in the review above before placing your order.