Why Is My Dog Whining & How To Stop The Whining

Dogs are very communicative animals. When they need the attention of their owners or want to express some ailment they do not hesitate to whine or emit small barks. On many occasions, it is not something to worry about, however, if you notice that your pet cries in excess it may be time to make a visit to the veterinarian. It is also possible that their cries are due to suffering from a disease.

If you are interested in knowing the reason and how to stop the whining of a dog, this article is for you. Always remember that you are more intelligent than your dog and that stopping the whining of a dog is not difficult at all.

Why Is My Dog whining? The 5 Main Reasons

Few things distress as much as a puppy that cries and more when it is time to sleep. Whining in dogs is very common during the first months of life and especially when our pet has just arrived home.

Why Is My Dogs Whining

There is no exact translation in the canine language for the type of crying that we human beings have.When we hear it continue whining our heartbreaks and think that it is associated with pain and suffering.There are many reasons for which our dog makes different complaints sounds to tell us something. These are some of the most common examples.

1. because they miss their mother and brothers

It can be very common that during the first days in your new home, the puppy dog often comes in crying, especially at night. This usually happens since the canine misses the heat of his mother and the company that his brothers offered.

2. Dogs also cry because of anxiety and fear

Anxiety and fear are often one of the main reasons for the whining of dogs. There are several circumstances that can cause our pet anxiety or stress, when we travel to new places with our dog, the loud noises of the street, staying him alone, etc.

It is normal for the dog to cry because of all those situations that present changes generate anguish or fear and for this reason causes crying. However, this situation is usually normalized soon or regulated with the return of the owners.

3. Dogs can whine when they are hungry

Obviously, dogs also cry when they suffer from hunger or thirst. Although it should be noted that not all do, only some dogs resort to crying to communicate with their owners who are hungry or thirsty. However, this is something that if we give a very good care to our dog should never happen, because if you give the right amount of food and water, you should not worry about this aspect.

4. They cry because they feel bad

Like humans, dogs can transmit that they are not in good health through crying. If in addition to crying you realize that your dog is a little down, it is best to take it to the vet for a review. In addition, your dog never cries, if you have not changed the environment or nothing significant has happened in your routine, and despite that notes that he cries, it will also be important that you take him to the vet to rule out that your dog is sick or injured.

5. They can move to manipulate

This is one of the reasons we should keep in mind when our pet cries; they also know how to manipulate. Dogs are very intelligent animals that know that through crying they can get their master to come and many dogs use it as a manipulation to get the attention or what they want from their owners.

In some cases, they are food, games, attention, and etcetera. If from puppy your dog cries for anything and crying has already become a habit, it is necessary to realize that your dog is very smart and does whatever it takes to get your attention. In matters like these, the animal will need a strict training to eliminate this bad habit.

How to stop the whining of a dog

To stop the whining, you will need to interpret his behavior and take the time to understand what triggers his reaction. Here are some techniques that the expert recommends to calm a hyperactive dog.


Steps to follow:

Step: 1

If the puppy cries a lot, perhaps miss the maternal heat and the litter. Therefore, although we are in summer, in their resting place we have to place a blanket in which you can snuggle, feel warm and feel protected.

Step: 2

Although it may seem annoying to us, a watch that marks the passing of the seconds will be very good for our puppy and can help to calm his crying; since it will serve to simulate the heartbeat of the mother.

Step: 3

The games with the brothers that are part of their same litter are an important aspect also of the conditions of natural development of a puppy. Therefore, we must try to be entertained by playing ourselves with him. In addition, we can go to a specialized store and buy toys adapted to their age.

Step: 4

To prevent our puppy from crying, in its resting place we can place a stuffed animal bigger than him, approximately the size of his mother so that when he sleeps he can lie on it, just as he would do with the body of his mother.

Step: 5

Obviously, we must rule out that the puppy's cries are due to hunger or thirst. In this article, we explain how to care for a puppy to prevent our lack of knowledge from having a negative impact on our little pet.

Step: 6

The lack of knowledge of their new habitat can lead the puppy to feel insecure and to cry about it. What we must do is let, at least on one occasion, the pet enters all the rooms of the home and can sniff and investigate all over the land.

Step: 7

If after following all these guidelines, follows the crying of our puppy, the ideal is that we take the veterinarian to rule out that he is suffering from any disease or discomfort.

You can also use anti bark electric shock collar to stop the unusual whining or barking.

Things We Should Never Do To Stop a Dog Whining

Some people try to calm their dog with very little recommended practices, because unknowingly, instead of actually calming what they do is to make him more nervous. Although some of them may seem obvious, it never hurts to remember what we should not do when we want to calm our nervous or frightened dog.

If the dog hides, never force it out, do not take it out by force because it will panic.

If the dog barks or cries, do not criticize him for doing so since it is his way of expressing that he is scared. Simply distract him with something else and apply a lot of positive reinforcement, this will stop him from barking or crying.

If the dog pulls the leash to the opposite side, do not force him to continue. He wants to leave because he is afraid, what we have to do is to get away a little and start working on that fear with the advice previously explained.

If the dog urinates in fear, you should never scold him. You do not even get angry because it was involuntary. Just try to understand what it is that scares you and begins to work that fear.

Do not try to calm down two dogs that fight bites, because you could also receive a bite. It simply separates the dogs that bite as we explain here: How to separate two dogs that fight, and after verifying that he has no injuries, take a quiet walk to calm him down.


This article is merely informative, we do not have the power to prescribe any veterinary treatment or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or discomfort.

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