Tips for Flying with a Puppy in Cabin

Things to know before flying with a dog in cabin

  • Match the size of your dog to the available under-seat space for comfort
  • Ensure your dog is in the right mood to fly
  • Find a comfortable pet carrier for your dog
  • Pack all you deem essential for your dog 
  • Book a space for your dog in advance
  • Getting ready to pay for Extra charges
  • Ensure to carry a vet-approved certificate for your dog
  • Consider DryFur pad lining for your pup's carrier
  • On the day of travel, consider taking your dog for a walk before flying out
  • On the morning of the travel day, don't feed your dog and make sure he doesn't take water two hours to departure
  • Control the amount of water given to your dog during the flight
  • At the airport, don't let your dog out of the carrier, except for security check
  • Make preparations to cope with the environmental conditions within the plane
  • In case of a stopover, look for a “pet relief station.”
  • Only use sedatives for your nervous dog as a last resort under the direction of a veterinarian.
  • Feel free to explore your new territory alongside your furry friend

How to Keep Your Dog Calm on a Plane – 9 Great Tips

​Have you heard the terrible stories about the pets suffering during air travel? Are you worried on how to keep your pet calm on a plane?

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Travelling with your pets will be more enjoyable with your pet if you follow our great tips. 

moreover, you have to follow some Airline Pet Policies too of  Airlines That Allow Pets In-Cabin & What You Need to Know Before You Fly with your beloved pets

# 1.  Search for the pet-friendly airports that offer pet relief stations/ pet area. If your pet needs a potty break, he/she will get there. A pet-friendly airport will let you put your dog on a leash while in the terminal.

# 2. Train your pet to make use of the puppy pads in case if the airport doesn’t offer any pet area.

# 3. Choose a mostly-empty row to sit in with your pet (if the airplane isn’t very full of passengers). Most pets like to be away from the annoyance on a plane. If possible, it’s wise to fly on the light travel days. If there are fewer passengers on the flight, the staffs may pay more attention to keep your pet comfortable and safe.

# 4. If your dog/ cat suffer severe anxiety on the flight, urinate in the pet carrier or pet crate and also cry, you can give them natural remedies/ herbal supplements.

# 5. You may use essentials oil spray that will provide relaxing and calming aromatherapy to your pet during the trip.

# 6. Do your homework to choose the most comfortable pet carrier for your pet. Also, make sure that your pet carrier will fit nicely under your seat.

# 7. Let your pet to get used to the carrier before travelling. Leave the pet inside the crate/ carrier several times. Spending sometimes in the carrier makes your pet feel comfortable and secure.

#8. Keep a toy and chew stick. Chew stick prevents the cat/dog from nervousness. If your pet is naughty and likes to bite everything in its path, wooden dog crates or plastic dog crate can be the best option for him/her.

9. Try to book the straight flights so that you don’t need to move your pet carrier. It’ll make the travel much more comfortable for your pet and you.

Hope, our tips will help you to have a successful trip with your pet.

you can know the cost of airline while you travel with your pets from here how much does it cost to fly a dog internationally ?


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