Pomeranian – Characteristics, Facts & Information That You Didn’t Know

Pomeranian is one of the most popular, elegant and appreciated puppy by the lovers of small breeds. With a clever face as well as outstanding coat, the Pomeranian small breed belongs to the Spitz family. It is active and capable of competing in agility and obedience. It weighs no more than 6 kilos and his lively personality makes itself a great companion for walks. Do you know it?

If you are interested owing a Pomeranian dog, it is advisable that you previously inform of some aspects that will help you to understand yourself better so that your coexistence is fantastic.

Pomeranian – Characteristics, Facts & Information That You Didn’t Know

Although today it is well known for being one of the smallest breeds of the group of miniature dogs, the Pomeranian was, a long time ago, of a much larger size. Those who do not know this breed will probably be surprised by some old paintings in which they appear next to their elegant owners, since they seem very large in relation to current standards.

The name of the race comes from its place of origin, Pomerania, which was an old duchy of the Baltic coast that was between the east of Germany and the west of Poland. The Pomeranian descended from European work dogs. These dogs were also highly prized in classic Rome and Greece, where they were held in very high esteem, as ladies' pets. In the times of the classic Greece the Pomerania was called "Dog Maltese", which in occasions has originated a certain confusion.

Pomeranian behavior

In general, the Pomeranian quickly learns different tricks. If you are not able to teach certain behavior rules when it is a puppy, in future it can become an unbearable animal.

This type of pet likes to go for a walk. He likes to meet people and explore new smells and territories. Many of them have been trained as hearing aid dogs.

High temperatures and extreme humidity may cause heat stroke in this breed. Therefore, when you are outdoors in hot weather, you should watch and keep it in a place away from the sun.

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Although they are small, they do not seem to notice it and may have a big dog attitude. This can mean a disaster if they decide to persecute a spice larger than them. So that there are no problems, do not lose sight of it when you go for a walk.

Finally, if you have already adopted these adorable little ones, remember that to avoid any kind of illness, you must comply with the vaccination schedule and take it regularly to your veterinarian for review. Similarly, when you go out for a walk, on the way back, check if you have ticks. Its coat is so dense that it is a good receptor for these small arachnids.

Pomeranian Training

This small race, which some call a bit uncivilized but with theirs is full of life, cheerful and extroverted, is a charming member of the family that is always alert and needs to keep his mind busy.

For this reason, you will love to play and accompany with him on his daily walk, which will serve this little crook to socialize with the rest of his fellows

His intelligence makes the Pomeranian learn quickly and is always willing to assimilate new knowledge, enjoying learning the funny things a lot. In fact, despite its very small size participates with some success in the mini-agility.

If you follow my advice, training a dog like Pomeranian will be a piece of cake. Never try to exceed your limits to teach your dogs. Do not hit him or yell at him, or he will not forgive you.

Personality and Temperament

Pomerania is a dog with a lot of energy, extroverted and full of life. It is a very loyal and protective dog with its owners although it can be quite shy with strangers.

While it is true that the Pomeranian tends to have a rather unfriendly temperament, it has a very loud bark that makes it a good surveillance dog.

It is imperative that this dog knows well who is the leader, so it must be firm during his training. If not, it could become a dog too sybaritic.

How Should Be The Care And Feeding Of Race Dogs Pomerania?

Pomeranian dogs should have a dry food diet due to the probability of the tooth and gum problems of it. Foods that contain fish, meat and wheat are highly recommended. Giving the dog's teeth something that chews will be a good idea for cleaning them. The eyes and ears of the dog need special care, and they have to be cleaned every day. It is also very important to take better care of the dog's teeth, brushing at least once a week.

In relation to Housing Pomeranian's are indoor dogs and are usually quite contained in small apartments. They are active and excited to play with small dog toys. They can get hot in hot weather, so it's best to keep them indoors in the air conditioner if possible.

Common diseases and their treatment of Pomerania

The Pomerania is a dog that presumes a good state of health in general, which does not prevent that same. It happens with any other breed, is tending to suffer certain diseases that in your case are the following:

Dental problems:

Loss of teeth at a fairly early age that is fought with proper oral hygiene.

Disk problems:

Ailments in the invertebral discs that can be very painful. The steroid is usually used to treat these.

Eye problems:

Which result in eye infections and can be prevented by keeping your eyes clean.

Problems in the extremities:

Especially in the knees, making the appearance of the dreaded patellar dislocation, so they should not be allowed to be overweight.

Fontanelle open:

A hole in the skull that has some small Pomerania. It is not serious if there are no soft skull parts.

Heart problems:

A routine examination of your heart by the veterinarian can detect precociously any ailment of this style.

Kidney stones:

An ailment that is not strange to this breed and that affects specimens of both sexes, although obstructions are more frequent in males.

Respiratory problems:

Occasionally caused by a tracheal collapse, some of these puppies tend to drown, which sometimes has to be remedied by going through the operating room.

Final Verdict

Pomeranian is one of the most demanded and loved dogs internationally, due to its adorable appearance, its kind nature and its intelligence. If you have already adopted these adorable little ones, remember that, to avoid any kind of disease, you must go to the veterinarian. Similarly, when you go out for a walk, on the way back, check if you have ticks. Its coat is so dense that it is a good receptor for these small arachnids. 

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