How to Train a Dog with a Shock Collar

Shock collar is used to give your dog a punishment during an unwanted activity that is called positive punishment. An electronic training collar is a device that sends an electric current to the dog's neck to give it a signal. These are wireless, battery operated and usually include a transmitter that sends a signal to the collar.

When the dog stops the unwanted behavior and the stimulation stops, the dog is given reinforcement to correct the behavior. Because punishment is eliminated when behavior changes, this is known in behavioral psychology as negative reinforcement. The vibration dog trainer collar with remote is used by many managers and trainers to promote correct behavior in dogs. In this article, we will share our experience on how to train a dog with a shock collar as well as its advantages!

Step: 1: Use of the dog shock collar

If you are a new dog owner and using the collar for first time, you have to introduce your dog with the collar.

You should constantly check the neck of your dog to verify that it is not suffering any kind of friction or irritation.

The positioning of the dog training collar must be correct so that the dog breathes normally.

The place where you want to start the training should not be chosen at random. Start the training in a place that is known by your dog. It is very important that it is a safe place where the dog can’t suffer any type of danger or leakage.

Step: 2: Stimulus level for the training collar

You must consider the issue because each dog needs a different level of correction to react correctly. The electric educational collars have several levels to adjust the weight or character of our pet.

Select the appropriate stimulus level depending on the reactions of our dog, if the level is too low the dog will practically.

A medium level of stimulation should be noticed in your dog attracting their attention and modifying their signal and postures. This level can already become a basis for education.

A higher level will cause your dog to react incorrectly by scaring, jumping or even running scared. Ultimately the main thing is not to be in a hurry and start step by step from the lowest level.

Step: 3: Always use the training collar accompanied by our voice

For your dog to understand why the corrections of the educational collar always the stimulus must be accompanied by your order. In this way the animal associates your voice and order with the corrective stimulus.

The purpose is that the dog reacts to your order without the need to apply a stimulus. The dog will try to avoid the corrective by reacting immediately to your voice.

And also the tone of your voice must be correct, strong but without shouting, As a result, your pet will quickly understand the type of tone you use to give orders.

The use of the training collar must be quick

The speed with which you make the correction is crucial for the dog to understand. If your dog has a negative behavior and you punished him late, he will never understand why that punishment.

The educational command must always remain ready in your hand. To change or eliminate the negative behavior, you must react immediately and apply. In this way the dog will associate its negative behavior with the stimulus that it so little likes.

Different ways of correction to use the collar of training

The vast majority of educational collars use three training modes, 1. Beep mode or sound training, 2. Vibration and 3. Electrostatic discharges.

All electronic educational collars have the option of computerize but the functions of beep or vibration can be optional.

#1. Sound mode

In this option, an annoying beep is emitted every time you press your educator command. The beep of the dog collar can be used as a marker, which is used as a traditional clicker.

For training with beeps, you must train your dog in advance so that they associate the emitted sound with a positive or negative outcome.

We give you an example, if after each beep the dog receives a prize then your dog can stop and wait because he knows he will receive a prize for his behavior.

In the same way, the dog can react when he hears the sound, because he knows that the non-compliance of the order will be followed by an electrostatic discharge.

#2. Vibration mode

In this mode, the collar will vibrate in the neck of your dog calling his attention, just as in the sound mode can be used as a marker or as an interruption.

#3. Electrostatic discharge mode

In this training mode, the electronic collar will send a small electrical impulse through the contact points in the dog's neck.

The amount of stimulation depends on three key elements like the selected level, the duration of the impulse and the frequency. It also depends on the physical characteristics of the dog, skin, hair, weight and its temperament.

Advantages with the use of the training collar

The educational collar allows you to control the amount of impulses to the dog and administer it at a distance, in some hunting collars the distance reaches 2 km.

The recent training collars are able to deliver the right amount of impulses thanks to their levels of selection. In this way the dog will not repeat its behavior, but at the same time, it will not receive any kind of pain.

The electrostatic collar allows us to give the correction at the right time. This helps us to correct the negative behavior. At the time it is performed and stop correcting it when it is no longer acting negatively.

When we use another type of education based on the pain our dog can come to associate people with physical suffering and lead them to fear and distrust between us.

No matter how we call the electric collars, educational collars, training collars, shock collars, e-collars, canine training collars, etc. These systems are designed exclusively for education and never for punishment.

Disadvantages of using dog shock collar

Walking with your favorite dog is one of the best enjoyable or romantic moment of anyone. It can also harden the bond they share with you. However, wearing the wrong type of collar, you may be physically or emotionally hurting your dog without realizing it. These collars can be extremely dangerous for dogs. Its use has been associated with:

  1. Lashes
  2. Fainting
  3. Paralysis
  4. Spinal cord injuries
  5. Dislocation of the vertebrae in the neck
  6. Partial or complete asphyxia
  7. Fracture or crushing of the bones in the larynx
  8. Bruising in the esophagus
  9. Damage to skin and neck tissues
  10. Prolapsed eyes
  11. Crushing of the trachea
  12. Brain damage

Final Thoughts:

Training a dog with a shock collar is very basic, Always be careful when using the collar. You should also test the collar primarily to use properly and safety, You may use the dog shock collar for proper training with safety. Thanks for being with us!

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