How to Clean Dog Ears At Home

The ear is one of the most important organs of the dog, so you must pay special attention to avoid infections.

Keeping the dog's ears clean is important because when they are dirty they can be a source of infections. It also hinders the passage of air to the ear, which finally affects the hearing.

The ear of the dog should be cleaned at least once every 2 weeks and when you get used to it, it turns into a simple routine that will not bother your pet.

You may know several ways to clean a dog's ears, but ... Do you know which one is the perfect is or which one is totally inadvisable? In this article, we will share our experience on how to clean dog ears at home.

How to Clean Dog Ears At Home

You must check and clean the ears of your dog at least once a week. Depending on how your dog's ears are, their size. Also depends on the level of dirt or dust in the place where they walk, play or live, etc. Some dogs may need to have their ears cleaned twice a week or more, while others may simply need a cleaning every 10 or 15 days.

Before proceeding to clean the ears of your dog it is advisable that have to do a primary check for signs.

So keep in mind the following situations:

If your dog shakes his head abnormally, it may be a sign that he is suffering from an infection. Otitis produces itching inside the ear canal, so the dog will try to scratch to relieve the discomfort.

The color of the inner ear canal when it is healthy is a pale pink color. In case of gather, irritated, inflamed, red or blood is a sign of infection.

Palpate the ears for protuberances, inflammations sometimes extend outside the ear canal and cause pain. Your dog shows signs of pain when you touch his ears or head.

Smelly in the ears or in the ear canal. A healthy ear does not smell bad, so this is an alarm signal. Excessive accumulation of wax or black color.

In case your pet presents one or more of these situations it is better to suspend the cleaning and take it immediately to the veterinarian.

How to Clean Dog Ears At Home Explained Step By Step

Cleaning the outer part of the ear

The cleaning of the outer part of the ear, which is usually hairy, does not imply greater difficulty. You can use a cloth moistened in warm water with some of the shampoo you use to bathe it regularly. Rub gently, taking advantage of a relaxing massage in this area and in the head. You must remove the product well once you have finished, to avoid irritation and dry the ears with a towel.

Cleaning the inner part of the ear

The first thing we have to clean our hands and look for a place with a light to check properly inside your dog's ears. This initial review will tell us how much dirt we are going to find and where part of the ear is located.

It will also give us an idea of the size of the inside of our dog's ear. Something very important because we are going to manipulate it with our fingers and it is a very sensitive area.

Once the eye inspection is done, we will roll a gauze on our finger and insert it gently into the dog's ear. We must be very sensitive because any sudden movement can hurt them.

Logically, if our dog has a small ear we will use the smallest finger of our hand for this task. While if you have big ears maybe we can use some other finger without force.

We should gently introduce the finger with the gauze inside the ear. Then we have to make small and smooth circular movements so that wax is stuck on the gauze.

We will remove the finger with the gauze and we will examine it. If the gauze has left dirty, with remains of wax or dirt, we will take a clean gauze and repeat the cleaning in that ear.

When we remove the finger with the gauze and is clean, we will take a new gauze (never use it) and perform the same task in the other ear. We should never use the same gauze on both ears because if one of them is beginning to have a small infection, we will probably infect the other. We should always use clean gauze for each ear.

What happens if it is not cleaned regularly?

The ears of dogs, like those of humans, secrete a natural secretion that helps prevent diseases. The problem is that this agent usually stagnates in the internal conduit and obstruct the passage of sound.

If the ear is a victim of some disease, the dog can suffer a lot, since otitis or inflammation in the ears of dogs can be a big problem. It should also be done to prevent it from drying out with the same fluid and becoming irritated.

Cleaning your dog's ears is something you should teach him from a puppy. Remember that physical health is not only demonstrated in the coat and body of the pet. Every area of your body should be at maximum capacity.

Useful tips to clean the ears of your dog

Do not use products or homemade preparations, only use gauze. Never force, do it gently and delicately.

Do not use products on your pet without consulting the veterinarian. Never use ear swabs or products that leave fibers.

Check and clean your ears at least once a week

You should not introduce objects such as cotton canes, you can severely damage your hearing, causing deafness.

Once you have finished, reward your dog if he behaved well, this will work as training for future cleanings.

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