How to Choose the Best Dog Shock Training Collars

As mentioned our previous article Top Rated Remote Dog Training Collars , buying a dog collar is easy, but choosing the best one is really difficult. However, Considering the following factors will help you a lot to get the right one.


What you want to do for your dog determines the style of collar you should buy. There are several styles of dog collars which include Traditional Buckle Collar, Quick Release Buckle Collar, Safety or Center Ring Collar, Martingale Dog Collar, Scruff Tag Dog Collar, Citronella Bark Collar and Electronic Dog Collars. All of these varies in style and serves better for different purposes.


The build material of the dog collar you are looking to buy is also very important. Dog collars vary in build material from nylon, to leather and urethane polyesters.


Nylon is a common build material for most dog collars. It is less expensive and allows you to make varieties of patterns or designs on it. However, nylon is not always the best for your dog especially if it spends much time outside. It would get dirty and stinky. They are not also as durable as dog collars made from other materials like leather.

Waterproof Biothane

This looks such like a synthetic leather collar because it is a mix of urethane and vinyl coated polyester material. It is usually the best fit for very active dogs. It comes in a variety of colors and has water holding capability. It can also withstand high temperature.


Leather is a traditional and more demandable material for dog collars. Apart from the fact that leather collars look good on dogs, it is also very protective. It is very durable and softens over time due to exposure and natural skin oils from dogs. One advantage of the Italian leather is that they are very lightweight. Therefore, they are great for dogs with tiny necks.


Suppose you are having a walk with your dog with the collar on its neck along the seaside. Your dog may get drenched by the sea water leading the electric collar to damage or malfunction. Upsetting, right? Or if the day is rainy? What if you want to play with your dog in the snow and spoil the collar’s electric device? All your enjoyment is gone! Actually, we are suggesting to you that a waterproof collar can save you from the pain!  You should always check the availability of waterproof utility before buying a collar.

Remote Control System

You are sleeping.Your dog’s bark penetrates your sweet sleep. You’re feeling lazy to stop it getting down from the bed, but its continuous barking noise is not letting you dive into the deep sea of dreams. You may also enjoy a movie or read a book while its noise breaks your concentration. So, buy a collar with remote control and save yourself from these irritating situations. The remote control can also help you to train your dog easily.

Recharging Capacity

Not all the products out there have recharging capability. For your concern, some of the products need batteries which are expensive. If you don’t have a USB port and recharging utility, you may need to buy those batteries after the power out.  So, it’s better to purchase collars which are rechargeable.

Dog Training Mode

The products have various training modes. They are Beep mode, Vibration mode, and shock mode. Sometimes other modes are also available, e.g.- Beep+vibration mode and the Beep + Vibration + Shock mode. Using shock to train dogs is not agreeable to everyone. Some may call it inhumane. So, one should buy a dog training collar according to personal choice.

Choosing a training collar may not be equal to a getting relatively low price, but the important thing is that you understand what collar is best for your dog; a collar that would not harm or affect the wellbeing of your dog. you may read airline approved pet carriers Reviews  its important while you fly with your dog in cabin with wheels


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