How to Choose an Electric Dog Fence?

If your dog is making a massacre in your home or such territories! Then, electric Dog fence is the solution for this. To ensure your dog’s safety and giving the dog enough space to play around, you just need to have an electric Dog fence or best wireless dog fence. It can contain your dogs in a specific place. Also, to exclude dog from other places such as swimming pool, garden etc., you can use electric fence. By giving your dog a paradise or a part of the yard where he can play, room around and you can enjoy it.

It’s also a fact that how to find the best invisible dog fence analyzing the market. Several types of, specifications included fences are available in the market.

How Electric Fence Works?

Electric Dog fence works in a way that if the dog tries to cross the precise location it receives a corrective stimulation. In effect, the dog gets used to be in the area it is bound to. Also, the pet learns a thing that’s not to cross invisible barrier. A device on dog’s collar transmits signal to fenced area. As a fact, it can’t cross the fence. There is a visible and invisible fence system available.

Meanwhile, electric Pet fence protects your dogs and give it’s a particular place to roam and play. Wherever, you go out from home certainly you don’t have to worry about your dog.

Types of Electric Dog Fence

There is a variety of electric dog fence available in the market. Fence size and designs depend on dog’s sizes or pet’s nature. If the pet seems pretty active, always in search for new things and tries to discover including has some rough behaviors; you can go for a wireless collar fence system or invisible dog fence system to keep your dog always in touch. Else, if your pet loves to dig and rushes to places then you can look for in-ground, underground dog fence system.

What you should remember Before Choosing an Electric Fence?

Firstly, you should look towards its specifications such as how much long area it can cover, how big sizes dogs collar can fit in, what kind of features dog collars can provide, etc. Some electric pet fence gives wireless compatibility service. Some are cheap but the service is impressive. Also, there is premium type Canine fence available as per dog breeds and nature. Let’s clear it out and have an enrich knowledge about the things an owner should look towards while buying an electric fence.

  • What sizes dog could fit and collar’s specialty? Basically, dog sizes, nature and, activeness will give you an idea that how long or how much bigger area fences should be there. For electric fence dog collars are an important thing to be dealing with. You need to be sure that your pet finds comfort wearing wireless collars. The weights of the collar, receiver unit size, collar other areas of expertise such as waterproof or not! Durability, rechargeable battery support, safety timeout every essential thing to be taken care of.
  • Safety timeout is the most crucial issue in the dog’s collar because you have to be sure that how long it takes to stop stimulation. Some collar can check pulse and stimulation continue by pulse rate, though some collar stops stimulation in 30 seconds to 1 minute. Also, some collar continues the stimulation until it gets stopped.
  • Ultimately, for the dog’s safety, you need to make sure that the collar dog is wearing isn’t harmful to its health.
  • How Much Area Fence can cover? A transmitter is a component which can tell that how much area will be cover for an electric fence. Some electric fence is able to cover an area of 25 acres, while some can just for 5 acres. If you differentiate the wireless system with in-ground systems, you will find so many things to be sure of. Wireless compatibility one provides-
  • Effective in smaller areas such as less than 5 acres.
  • Only be able to have a circular shaped area, if you have a rectangular shaped yard this thing is not for your yard.
  • Not works well with landscapes or in lots obstruction like in wooded areas.

Further, the in-ground system offers-

  • Customizable to any shapes or sizes.
  •  Cover up to 5-100+ acres.
  • Any place, types of landscapes or in this subject this system is applicable.
  • Not only just keep your dog’s away from the flowerbed, garden and water pool also can put them out of limits too.
  • How does it Cost? Is it Cheap or can bestow Premium Services?  : You can point into the price. For some people price matters. So, it is quite sensible to reach for the fence price before looking into its specification.  If there are no limited price ratio or one’s wanted the best premium service for his/her dog, then there is also some premium electric fence exist which provides an extra couple of features.
  • Multiple dogs System Supportive? :  Some collars transmit a signal to a particular transmitter. One collar for one device this method is pretty common, including some transmitter can control many collars and multiple dogs can be maintained through one electric fence system.

    Also, there is an issue that distinct dogs can have various behaviors and ways of nature. So, it is also necessary to ensure that the system can recognize multiple dogs’ different attitude and works like it.
  • Battery Backup and Surge Protector:  No matter what kind of system fence you use like wireless or in-ground electric fence, both ways you need to connect the fences and transmitter to a plug. Plugged in system can continuously give electric availability in fence arena. But, when power supply interrupts and the electricity flow stops; you’re dog left behind unsecured.

    Therefore, it is important to have battery backup, UPS to give service for a limited amount of time while there is a shortage of power supply. Some system comes with additional battery backups though you can purchase an external one.

    On the other hand, a surge protector is definitely an essential thing to use. This device can protect your in-ground fences from lightning damage. This boundary wire can be plugged under the field to keep fences safe from sudden lightning shock.


In this article, I have tried to give knowledge of how someone can choose the best electric fence as per pet’s requirements. It is essential to have an electric fence for your dog. In effect, you can consider your dog to a safer place where it can play and rooms. Also, you ensure the safety of household things, gardens, swimming pools etc. Lastly, for giving your lovable pet a reserved place in yards, you can get the help of the electric fence.


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