Collar or Harness For Puppies? Which Is The Best?

What dangers have a wrong choice?

From my point of view, the information that follows is essential for anyone who lives with a dog. I hope you find it useful. Currently, it is possible to find both collar or harness for puppies at any pet store. Both in physical establishments and in specialized online stores the offer is usually broad. However, before choosing, you have to be well informed.


Possible Dangers of The Dog collar

The collar is, in front of the dog harness, the most popular choice among canine owners. However, more and more veterinarians are recommending not to use it.The neck is a very sensitive part of the canine anatomy. As with people, a single whiplash accident can be very damaging.

Excessive pressure of a collar on the area may include the following risks:

Pain, bruises or contractures

In the neck is concentrated part of the musculature that affects the correct movement of the rest of the body of the dog.In addition, the neck houses an important portion of the spinal cord, responsible for communicating the brain with the body and controlling, among other functions, the movements of the animal and its sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.Any abnormal tension in the vertebrae lining the spinal cord can result in pinching, causing pain or even compromising the neurological functions of the dog.

Affectation of blood supply and related problems

On the other hand, the pressure exerted by a collar on the neck can interfere in the correct blood circulation. Poor brain watering can have serious consequences on our dog's health. Some experts suggest that it can cause increased intraocular pressure and damage the optic nerve (glaucoma), affecting the animal's vision.

Respiratory difficulties

Both the trachea, larynx, and esophagus are located in the dog's neck. Excessive pressure on them can lead to respiratory problems and be choking.

Affectation of the thyroid

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland located in the neck. It is one of the endocrine glands that produce hormones. Thyroid hormones control the rhythm of many body activities: body temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, cell growth, etc.If the thyroid gland is affected, it can negatively influence the dog's metabolism.

Hazards of the collar versus benefits of the dog harness

The advantages of the dog harness

Using a dog harness instead of a collar ensures that the pressure (mild or severe) that the dog exerts when pulling the leash does not concentrate on the neck. This avoids the risks described above.Now, it is worthwhile to be very clear about how a harness has to be so that it is comfortable and safe.

The disadvantages of the harness

There is an open debate among canine ethnologists and educators about whether a dog pulls more on the leash when wearing a harness than a collar.Although there is no scientific data to corroborate one opinion or another, I personally believe that a dog with a harness feels less discomfort when pulling the leash than another who wears a collar and, therefore, can pull harder.Now, given the risks of the collar, it must be clear that the priority in these situations is to teach the dog not to pull on the leash. The main thing is to solve the problem. As always, it is best to request professional help.

Harness for dogs that pull the leash

As a punctual support, while working obedience on the walk, there are educational harnesses or anti-pull harnesses, which can be a very good option. Are those whose purpose is to help teach the animal not to pull the leash?

best dog harness

Halti harnesses, a good option

Halti educational harnesses have an anterior ring (chest area) for the leash, so that each time the dog pulls, the animal receives a force that pulls its previous train to one side, causing slight discomfort and modifying the sense of its march towards the lateral.This method is considered much less annoying for the dog. Personally, I think it is a very useful tool. In addition, it is the alternative to other widely used and not recommended as necklaces of drowning or skewers.

Still, there is an interesting open debate about the implications that educational harnesses of this type can have on the musculoskeletal health of the dog.Snout dogs has shortened airways due to the characteristics of their facial anatomy. That is why they usually show respiratory problems.In these cases, my advice is the indisputable use of the dog harness instead of the collar.

A conclusion of the debate on collar or harness for puppies

Increasingly, experts recommend the use of the harness on dogs instead of the dog collar as it is more comfortable for the dog. Although the choice is always very personal, we must take into account the implications that each option has on the health and welfare of the dog.
But, above all, do not forget that the main thing is to teach our animal to enjoy their walks without pulling the leash.

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