Top 5 Best Citronella Dog Repellent Sprays of 2022

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So, finally, you’ve started using the best citronella repellent spray for your dog to control its excessive barking and unwanted behavior.

It’s good!

Hope, citronella dog collar takes care of your dog’s barking issue, and it responds really well. But do you know, citronella spray for dogs is also effective to set boundaries in the home? Indeed, they are great indoor training aids.

This harmless spray keeps pets away from the room you don’t want them near. Also, it protects your objects from your pet such as furniture, counters or other belongings you might want to protect. So, you may need extra citronella dog collar refill for more sprays to train your dog.

Best Citronella Dog Repellent Spray

You’ll be amazed at how effectively citronella spray can refill works to solve your dog’s behavioral problem, and your dog starts to obey you.

Sounds dream?

Actually, it isn’t.

For you, we’ve listed here 5 citronella repellent sprays refill, so that you can easily pick them when you need. These refills are perfect not only for spray bark control but also as a remote trainer.

So, keep reading to pick the top one.

Top Picks

To pick the perfect one that you need, go through our quick chart below.

List of the Best Citronella Dog Repellent Sprays of 2022

1. Anti-Repellent Spray Gentle Spray Refill by Premier-Pet-Products

It’s an amazing citronella repellent spray refill. However, it’s also compatible with Spray Commander, Gentle Spray, Spray Barrier, and Virtual Fence spray products.

The refill contains a gas mixture. It is completely safe for animals and human. It’s also environment-friendly.

Top Features

  • Capacity: 3oz refill
  • Spray per can: 30
  • Ozone friendly

What We Like

  • Works extremely well
  • Handy and convenient
  • Easy to use

What We Didn’t Like

  • The spout is long a bit.
  • Somewhat expensive

2. PetSafe Animal Deterrent Spray Refill By SprayShield

SprayShield brings this innovative and useful product to you. You can protect your pets, yourself and others with this powerful citronella formula. The can contain citronella 1% and other ingredients 99% (glycerin, water, carbon-di-oxide). It shoots a thin mist of citronella at a reasonably high force.

It’s ideal for dogs exhibiting low to medium aggression. You can use the spray on your dog when it behaves aggressively towards other animals. Its unusual scent interrupts attacks by other aggressive dogs too.  Thus, it protects yourself, your pet and others so that you can move safely with your pet. Not only that, this citronella spray deters without causing any harm to the animal.

As the name describes, it’s a refill, but each can of this deterrent is a stand-alone product. Once the contents have been used up, you have to replace the can rather than refill it. It’s a small can with 1.25-inch diameter and 5- inch tall that holds 3.2oz of spray. So, you can carry it independently with you easily. Furthermore, it comes with a clip that helps you to attach it to the belt.

This product is perfect to use with PETSAFE SPRAYSHIELD ANIMAL DETERRENT.

Top Features

  • Diameter 1.25, Height 5-inch
  • Spray: 3.2 oz
  • Safety-lock to prevent accidental spray

What We Like

  • Works very well
  • Non-harmful to animals
  • Powerful and effective
  • Easy to use

What We Didn’t Like

  • No issue found

3. PetSafe SSSCAT Motion Activated Pet Deterrent, Pet Proofing Repellent for Dogs and Cats

Here is our third product on our list, SSSCAT Spray Pet Deterrent, from the renowned brand PetSafe.

First of all, this SSSCAT spray works like a dream as a dog or cat deterrent. It’s automated and motion activated. It uses infrared to detect the movement of your pet up to 3 ft. away. The smell of the mist is not harmful but annoying to your pet. As a result, your pet avoids the room or objects you want to protect.

How does it work?

When your pet enters within the range of the unit, the motion detector detects the movement of your pet and temperature change. There is a propellant that expels the air in a burst when the pet gets within the range of the sensor. Thus, it discourages your pets from entering unwanted areas. It can detect the changes in temperature, so it doesn’t face any problem to work at the dark of the night. The delay of 2 minutes at the start and 30 to 40 seconds between sprays are very useful to prevent the waste of the sprays.

Top Features

  • Adjustable spray nozzle
  • Zero ozone depletion
  • Range:  up to 3 feet
  • Spray per cane: 80 to 100
  • Compatible with pac19-13975 and ppd17-16165

What We Like

  • Odorless, and stainless
  • Safe to use and effective
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fully adjustable for easy set-up
  • Quick and easy to replace
  • Also works at night

What We Didn’t Like

  • The unit requires 4 AAA batteries which don’t come with the system.
  • Any movement within its range causes to activate the unit. So, it can be wasteful.

Unit Includes

  • SSSCAT Spray Can X 1
  • Motion Detector Unit X 1
  • Instruction Guide X 1

4. PetSafe Spray Can Refill for Remote Trainer and Spray Bark Control

Need a refill to be used with PetSafe Spray Bark Control Collars and the Spray Commander Remote Trainer? Then, PetSafe Spray Can Refill is the product you’re looking for.

This refill works well with citronella dog spray and all other PetSafe spray products. This product offers you two option- one for unscented and another for citronella.

The only ingredient of this refill is 1,3,3,3- tetrafluoropropane. It’s a very common and environment-friendly gas used to create aerosol spray effect.

How to use it?

Very Easy!

Well, the nozzle on the can is designed to fit into the opening on the dog collar. Remember, it’s a tube, not a push-down sprayer. You can insert the spray directly into the collars.

To refill the spray first, detach the collar from your dog neck and turn the device off. Keep the device of the collar on a flat surface so that the refill hole remains upwards. Take off the cap of the refill can. Turn the refill can upside down and fit the nozzle into the refill hole.  Hold the refill down and then firmly press the nozzle down into the refill hole. Hold it for 10 to 15 seconds and then release. If it requires, press it again and release. Never overfill the device.

Top Features

  • Sprays per can: 300 to 400
  • Stain-free ingredient

What We Like

  • Environment-friendly
  • Odorless and safe to use
  • Effective for use
  • Quick and easy to refill

What We Didn’t Like

  • Can’t be used separately from PetSafe spray bark control collars

5. Petsafe Refill Spray SSSCat- 2 Pack

Looking for an effective retardant to shoo pets away from unwanted areas without harming them? PetSafe Spray is an excellent product to teach your pet to stay off specified areas or objects. If you need the refill, give a try to the Petsafe Refill Spray SSSCat. This odorless product is very effective and easy to use.

How does it work?

The refill contains 1,1,1,2 –Tetrafluoroethane under pressure. It’s nothing but air. It just does a quick burst of air with a hissing sound when any pet enters within the range. The sound scares the pet more than anything, and they avoid the places where they shouldn’t be. They work like a charm! These aren’t harmful, so you can use them anywhere you don’t want your pet to go.

Remember! This is just a refill. You need to buy the sprayer separately.

Top Features

  • Range: 3 feet
  • Odorless
  • Safe for animals and human

What We Like

  • Comes in a multipack of 2
  • Very effective
  • Easy to use
  • Environment-friendly

What We Didn’t Like

  • Works when anything moves within the range
  • A bit overpriced


There are other necessary dog collar accessories that you may need to use with the collar. Here is one.

Premier Gentle Spray Anti-Repellent Spray Refill Battery

 If you use battery-powered dog collar, you must need replacement batteries. For you, we’ve listed here the most essential dog repellent spray accessories- refill battery.  Gentle Spray Refill Battery for Premier Anti-Repellent spray by Premier-Pet-Products is one of the replacement battery that you should give a try.

This battery also works well in PetSafe citronella collar. It’s also perfect to use in SpraySense Anti-Repellent sprays, Gentle Spray Anti Repellent spray and Spray Commander. It fits nicely into the repellent spray battery compartment.

Top Features

  • 6-volt alkaline battery
  • Lasts about 6 month

What We Like

  • Works well
  • Fits nicely into the battery compartment

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some users report the poor battery life.
  • Somewhat overpriced

Battery for Dog Training Shock Collar from LOOPACELL 4lr44 (6 Pcs 6v)

10 Pack 4LR44 / 476A / PX28A / A544 / K28A / L1325 Dog Collar 6V PetStandard Brand
  • Value Pack of 10 Batteries
  • Highest Quality, PetStandard Brand. Made in China by a Leading Battery Manufacturer
  • Works for Dog Bark Collars, Dog Training Collars, Dog Fencing Collars and all other devices that requires this battery size
  • Equivalent to: 4LR44, PX28A, A544, 28PXA, 476A, 4G13, GP476, K28, V28, PX28AB, L1325, 1414A, V4034PX, PX28L, K28L, L544, L544BP, V28PXL, 2CR1/3N, 2CR1-3N, CR28L, 1406LC, 2CR11108

 10 Pack 4LR44 / 476A / PX28A / A544 / K28A / L1325 Dog Collar 6V PetStandard Brand


All the products reviewed in our article are produced specially for animals. The ingredients are safe to you and your pet. They are also environ-friendly.

Although an unscented spray works effectively to control your dog’s barking or behavior, citronella spray collars are also effective for some dogs than the odorless sprays.

Being aggressive with other animals or barking too much- whatever bad behavior your pet was doing before, will go. And your pet will listen to your every word.

An extra can of Citronella Repellent spray Refill and remote trainer gives you more sprays to deter nuisance barking and train up them appropriately.