Top 8 Best Plastic Dog Crates Reviews ,2018 Updated List

Are you looking for Best plastic crates for your loving pet? There are various types of dog crates in the market. Such as Heavy Duty dog Crates, soft dog Crates.  Are you hesitated which is the top rated Plastic dog crate for your canine? We are an experienced team by analyzing current market, buyers review and mainly products quality recommended here top best plastic dog crates with mentioning its feature, pros and cons. I think it helps you.

 Besides, at end, we wrote an article of buying guide after a brief research that’s why you can easily identify the best Plastic dog crates for Airline Travel understanding the choosing factor of plastic dog crates. So you can move on…

Product Name & Features





Petmate Compass Plastic Pets Kennel with Chrome Door

DIMENSION: 24.6 x 16.9 x 15 inches 


Aspen Pet Porter Heavy-Duty Pet Carrier

DIMENSION: 40 x 27 x 30 in


Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel.

DIMENSION: 48 x 32 x 35 inches


Petmate Sky Kennel

DIMENSION: 40 x 27 x 30 inches


DoskocilPetmate Compass Kennel- Fashion

DIMENSION: 24.6 x 16.9 x 15 inches


MidWest Homes for Pets Spree Travel Carrier

DIMENSION: 22.3 x 14.2 x 15 inches



DIMENSION: 19 x 12.5 x 10 inches


8 Best Plastic Dog Crates Reviews:

If you are looking for a perfect crate for your small  dog? This model by Petmate is just one of the best to go for. It is entirely made from plastic. It measures around 24 inches in length.

Undoubtedly this is one of the best fit for crate-trained small dogs or puppies. It gives them ample opportunity to feel relaxed and play with their toys inside the crate. This crate was designed to allow more light and ventilation without compromising its ease of storage and assemblage.

Variety, they say is the spice of life. This amazing crate comes in variety of colors including "Pearl Honey Rose/Coffee Grounds", "Pearl White/Coffee Grounds", "Metallic Pearl Ash Blue/Coffee Grounds" and "Metallic Pearl Tan/Coffee Grounds. The mobility provided by the crate is top notch although it has its own downsides too.

Features of Petmate Two Door Top Load Dog Kennel - Assorted Colors:

  • The crate has an opening on all sides which allows pets to enjoy the flow of fresh air.
  • The crate is secured with a durable wingnut-and-bolt design.
  • Wide, top-entry door allows easy access inside the dog and cat kennel so as to place or remove pets
  • The crate has a dimension of 24 x 16.8 x 14.5 inches and weighs 4.95 pounds
  • Designed with secured pet doors which features easy-squeeze latches that can be conveniently opened with one hand.


  • Perfect for small breeds of dogs
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Well ventilated and sturdy design.
  • Easy to clean up
  • It is pocket oriented.
  • User and budget friendly product.


  • Not suitable for large breed of dogs but for small is a good choice.
  • Faults airlines specifications for air travel.

Are you in need of the best plastic dog crates with Chrome Door? Then this brilliantly designed plastic kennel can be what you are looking for. It is ideal for transporting German Shepherds. The design also allows ample air to flow inside the pet kennel.

Therefore, you should allay the fear that your pets might be deprived of the much-needed oxygen. Considering its sturdy build, one might be tempted to think that it would be heavy. However, the Petmate Compass Plastic Pets Kennel with Chrome Door is lightweight with just 19 pounds. Below we present to you the features, pros and cons of selecting the petmate compass plastic kennel with chrome door.

Features of the Chrome Door Kennel:

  • made with durable plastic.
  • sturdy steel door protection for pets.
  • Upper and lower ventilation openings for proper aeration.
  • Double-hinged door design
  • Slide assembly with 4 bolts for security


  • Car dog crate for German shepherd
  • Easy to access and good looking.
  • Well ventilated with a strong and pretty design.
  • Easy to clean up.
  • Airline approved dog crates for cargo.
  • Well suited for long use like travels.


  • Not suitable for very large breeds but for tinny it’s good.
  • Unfit and lengthy screws can make some trouble.

Need strong and long lasting product? The Aspen Pet Porter heavy-duty pet carrier performs its duty of keeping pets safe and secure while travelling with utmost precision. The door's latch is durable and seamlessly allows pet parents to open the kennel conveniently with one hand.

The plastic material of the kennel makes it relatively easy to clean and assemble. Being lightweight carrying the pet crate will not be burdensome and this allows for easy mobility. The kennel offers 9 sizes and 13 different colors this review shall focus on the 70-90 LBS size.

It comes with strong and secure Lock which makes it very difficult for your pet to escape. The full features along with the benefits that comes with this pet crate are discussed below.

Features of the Aspen Pet Porter Heavy-Duty Pet Carrier:

  •  This product formed with Long-lasting plastic shell and metal screws.
  • It’s a lightweight so easy to bring and use.
  • It features ventilation openings
  • It comes with different sizes for different people.
  • It’s made with strong and durable plastic material.
  •  This is easy to open latch for one hand opening of the kennel’s door.


  • Ensuring well ventilated system.
  • Easy mobility and clean up
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Long-lasting material induced.
  • Suitable for medium and fairly large dogs.
  • Enrich with different ranges of color.


  • Not for small budget buyers but its worthy for this amount.
  • Not for dogs with separation anxiety.

Usually are you travelling? And are you concern about your pet? The Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel like other plastic dog crates that have been reviewed so far is ideal for training and travelling. Apart from its eye-pleasing color this plastic dog crater is very sturdy. Therefore, you do not need to worry about your pet escaping while in it.

Good thing is, you will receive this product with some of the screw holes covered overall. All you need to do is to use a small knife to poke a hole inside the cover. Some of the holes can be covered but it is good to know that the plastic over the holes is very transparent and thin. The catch is to drive a hole for the screw to tight in.

Features of Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel:

  • Features tie-down strap holes, wire vents, and raised interior
  • Features a Heavy-duty plastic shell, metal screws, and covered door posts
  • Handle which affords for convenience carriage
  • Made from Tough Durable Plastic
  • Features an Interior Floor Moat.


  • Reliable and comfortable for travel
  • Easy to clean and a 3600   ventilation
  • No extra gears are required for assemblage.
  • Long-lasting and sturdy construction enriched.
  • Appropriate for large breed of dogs.


  • It lacks metal screw but not so impact it.
  • Having limited color variation.

Are you looking for quality product with stylish design? The Petmate Sky Kennel comes with an eye catchy design. By merely looking at this dog crate, one can safely deduce that it is one of the best plastic dog crates for small dog breeds.

 In addition to keeping your pet safe, it was designed to keep them comfortable and stress-free throughout the journey. One distinct thing about this crater is that it comes with a travel kit full of dog necessities. These include 2 "Live Animal" stickers, clip-on bowls, and ID stickers.

 You are glad to know this kennel give purchasers the freedom of choice between six different sizes from 21" to 48" for all sizes of pets. The bigger sized models of this kennel are made with arched doors for added security but the smaller sized models are built with handle for smooth carriage.

Features of Petmate Sky Kennel:

  • Ventilation openings
  • Durable plastic shell
  • Non-corrosive wing-nuts
  • It features Clip-on bowls
  • Four-way vault and vaulted door
  • It has a dimension of 40 x 27 x 30 inches


  • It’s adjustable for all types of travel.
  • 4-way vault door prevents.
  • Non-corrosive wing-nuts
  •  Having additional strong steel wire for smoothness.
  • Having interlocking door privilege.
  •  Eco-friendly material.


  • It’s not for large breeds of dogs but for tinny it’s good.
  • Plastic bolt and nuts.

One unique and inseparable feature of this product is its beautiful color combination. It is arguably the most eye-pleasing kennel on this list. Perhaps that is too far-fetched but the point still remains that this kennel is "gorgeous". Like the earlier reviewed kennels, the maker of this kennel strives to make it both comfortable and safe for pets.

 This doubles up to offer peace of mind for pet owners. Owing to its expandable entrance, pet parents can easily assist their pets in entering and exiting the plastic kennel. You will be happy after knowing that it comes in four fashionable and elegant colors, including Denim/Black, Hot Pink/Black, Island Blue/Black, and Red Plum/Black. We shall further discuss the features of this product in addition to its pros and cons.

Features of Doskocil Petmate Compass Kennel- Fashion:

  • Durable plastic and steel door.
  • Slide assembly with four bolts for security
  • Double-hinged door design
  • Upper and lower ventilation openings
  • Four fashionable colors.


  • Having well ventilation.
  • Pretty and trendy design.
  • Sliding top and bottom easy to assemble
  • Having color and size varieties.


  • No slot at the top
  • It’s not suitable for large breeds of dog because of gesture.

Are you looking for a high quality crate which you can use in any of your travels? This pet carrier is just the one to look out for. It is suitable for both long and short distance travels. This crate is exquisitely built for providing the best temporary space for your dog such that it doesn’t feel the stress of the travels.

It comes in three beautiful and fashionable colors of red, blue and green. Due to its size, this dog crate is recommended for cats, "Extra Small" breed dogs and other small animals included ferrets, birds and rabbits.

The Spree Pet Carrier is relatively easy to assemble. You do not need to call an expert neither do you need any special tool to get it assembled. It is very perfect for quick trips like a visitation to your veterinarian, pet store, and what have you.

Features of MidWest Homes for Pets Spree Travel Carrier:

  • Built entirely from plastic
  • Bright & Fun Fashion Colors.
  • Has a carrying handle
  • Orthopedic egg-crate cushion
  • Robust designer blue diamond print fabric


  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Cool to assemble and good looking indeed.
  • Built-in handle
  • Perfect for long lasting and any kind of travel.
  • Proper ventilation and visibility.


  • Only for very small breeds of dogs
  • Its connectors don’t stay composed sound.

Security is a great issue. Are you tense about this?  If your answer is yes – this product is very secure for it because of its specialty of material and locked system. This kennel is one of the leading kennels for travels and carrying your dogs to places.

This crate is packed with the requisite features to make it worth its onion. Some of the salient features include a metal door with a squeeze latch and strong plastic shell. Others would be discussed more explicitly below.

The plastic crate is assembled using nuts and bolts. Thus, you need not worry about getting the nuts and bolts separately as they come with the plastic crate. The smaller models of the kennel come with a carrying handle and compartment covers for added convenience. Sit back while we unravel one of the best plastic dog crate features, pros and cons.

Features Remington RUFF MAXX KENNEL:

  • Carrying handle and compartment covers
  • 360-degree ventilation for fresh air and visibility from all sides
  • Made from strong plastic shell
  • A metal door with a squeeze latch and strong plastic shell
  • Available in wide range of sizes 


  • Perfect for small pets.
  • Easy and stress-free to assembly
  • Enrich with well-ventilated system.
  • It comes with a wide range of sizes for wide use.
  • Induced with strong and long lasting material.


  • Shallow top compartments
  • Not suitable for large breeds of dogs.

what to consider when buy a Plastic Dog Crate

Among so many plastic dog crates with different brands, it is really tough to choose the perfect one. For your concern, there have some numerous factor which helps to identify the best crates and it widely accepted. This is partly due to the fact that there are a series of plastic dog crates out there with similar features and abilities.

 Of course, there are many models of dog crates out there. The fact is that these crates range in sizes, features and value and have been tailored to meeting different dog needs. Thus, the questions:​

How do I choose the best dog crate?
Which one will be harmless for my dog?
How about weight and design?

At this juncture, we shall guide you in selecting the best plastic dog crate just like a compass guides the ship at sea. Selecting the best plastic dog crate depends on a diverse range of factors such as the age and size of your dog, breed type and personality, how easy it is to clean the crate, its portability, what you intend using it for and so on.

Factors for identifying best plastic dog crate:

Age and size

The age and size of your dog matters in selecting the best plastic dog crate. This is because small dogs are far more likely to chew the plastic crate when compared to big dogs. This sort of affects the long lasting effect of the crate. The size of the dog is also a determinant factor in selecting the best plastic crate, you don’t want to squeeze your pet inside the crate. That would be akin to putting a square peg in a round hole.

Material and design:

In any kind of product, quality of product material is one of the important issues. So before purchase, you have to make sure product quality first. Well material induced product is obviously high quality. Though it can be some expensive, it is for long- lasting product.

Moreover, the design also a factor that gives you extra comfort for its gesture in front of others people so before buying are this too.

Purpose of the plastic crate

As said earlier, what you intend using the crate for is a determinant factor in selecting the best plastic dog crate for you. The saying different stroke for different folks applies here if your plastic dog crate is for travel then you need to consider its airline cargo specification compliance before buying it. Similarly, if it is just to restrict the movement of your pet dog while indoors then its elegance should be considered, you do not want a plastic dog crate that looks odd inside your house.


Your budget is a determinant factor in selecting the best plastic dog crate for you. You need not break the bank before selecting the best plastic dog crate for you. There is a wide range of plastic crate to choose from you should consider your budget before doing so. Like in all cases it is always better to cut one’s cloth according to one’s size.

Doctor’s recommendation: 

Doctors are usually recommended to keep your pet in natural places but when necessary is an important thing their main suggest is use healthy and well-ventilated dog crates that don’t impact your pet negatively.

 Famous veterinary Dr. Marty Becker says that your dog will live a healthier, happier life if he's crate trained.

In this article we enlist best ventilated and healthy material induced product so you can assure there have not much possibility to affect your pet.

Popular brand of plastic dog crates:

There are numerous brands or company who make these, among buyer’s perception and market analysis we enlist this crates which are not only popular by its gesture and budget but also in their quality.


Choosing the best always a difficult task, someone can this, someone not. We here act as a helping hand for you. This guidance is based on over a decade of experience in dealing with plastic dog crates. Perhaps we should conclude this comprehensive review with a sort of disclaimer.

 This review does not in any way suggest that the plastic dog crates so far reviewed are the absolute best neither does it seek to advertise or promote a product but rather guide you in selecting the best for you. However, our best pick is the Petmate Compass Plastic Pets Kennel with Chrome Door. Happy shopping…


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