Top 9 Best Invisible Dog Fences of 2022 Review

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Having a pet reveals the intimate beauty and personality of you. Even so, the pet is a dog, and it will be a good and faithful friend. So, are feeding and taking care of the pet dog everything for a healthy and vivid dog? Of course, not. Freedom of strolling and playing can enhance the dog a lot.

So, you may not care your pet dog 24/7 because of engaging in many other works. But you have to let your puppy for playing in the yard. The dog can enter the yard of your neighbor who doesn’t like having the dog. Or, the dog can go to the road where the vehicle runs fast.

So, there will always be a possibility if fence for the dogs is absent. Don’t worry, you can buy an invisible Dog Fence to get your loved canine companion within a secured and safety areas. This invisible dog fence helps your dog to play in its own way. However, you may be confused to get the hundreds (may not be thousands) of fences for dogs or pets safety.

Some of them are electric, some are invisible, and some can be wireless dog fence. Whatever you buy and use for your dog(s), safety should be the prime concern. Here, we have tested and reviewed the best Pet containment systems from which you can pick the right one considering your budget, dog(s) and of course the area.

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List of the Best Invisible Dog Fences of 2022

1. PetSafe PIF-300 Wireless Fence Pet Containment Systems, 1/2 Acre


  • Adjustable 5 levels of correction
  • Portable to carry around anywhere such as outdoor activities
  • Integrated radio signal technology to track the pets’ movement
  • Completely wireless to abstain from bury wire
  • Automatic Shut-off to warn you if the pet exits the boundary zone

Being passionate about creating more great moments with pets, PetSafe has been trying for innovative, behavioral and lifestyle product solutions. The PetSafe wireless containment system is such an innovative product offers simple but exceptional fencing to the dogs.

It creates invisible fencing by using radio signal for your pets being strayed. For using the fence system, you need not know engineering knowledge.

You have to plug in the transmitter and play with the dogs. As the system is completely wireless, it’s not necessary to bury the wire. Also, the portable fence system allows you to carry around wherever you need it, even for the outdoor activities. Finally, the portable wireless containment system covers up to the ½ acres of land. As the receiver is waterproof, it is compatible with all climates. Here, you have to remember that the coverage area is 180 diameter circle. It’s not square or rectangle. So, place plug-in the transmitter is such a place from where your entire area is covered.


  • Collars are adjustable to any size necks from 6 to 28 inches
  • Low battery indicator warns you when charging is required


  • Wireless network may not work great in sloppy yard

2. Extreme 1D500FT Second Generation Underground Dog Fence


  • Includes 20-gauge extreme dog fence wire
  • Provides safety for up to 25 acres
  • Comes with 2 different colored uniquely designed collars
  • Provides 8 correction levels for “active” collar receiver
  • Resists water and submerges up to 100 feet deep
  • Ensures 1-year warranty for electronics and 2 years warranty for wire

if you are looking for best rated invisible Electric Fences for Dogs, this extreme dog fence second generation is perfect in your budget. Though it seems that wireless dog fence is easy to install, the wired dog fence will provide a stable connection to secure your puppy. The Extreme dog fence is a highly compact but DIY configurable kit with enriched components.

The powerful transmitter of the in-ground electric fence will accommodate from 1 acre to 25 acres. Undoubtedly, you can include from one to unlimited dogs depending on your needs.

So, when you arrange a get-together party for your like minded friends, you won’t feel the hassle to secure your 4-legs companion. The USA made fence comes with 2 different colored collars to serve both long and short neck dogs. No wonder the lightest and the smallest collar is uniquely designed to prevent irritation for prolonged use. Moreover, the individually programmed 8 levels collar correction is sharp enough to meet any purpose of dog’s safety.


  • Clear, concise and easy-to-follow instructions
  • Uniform and strong signal to reach each corner of the area
  • No interference with other metals
  • Sturdy materials, waterproof USA made product


  • Batteries are custom made, not automatic made from the company.

3. SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System [Contain + Train System]


  • Collar receiver fits with up to 10 pounds dog
  • Package includes a 1000 feet 20-gauge wire with 100 flags
  • Integrates Anti-Linger feature to prevent battery run down
  • Default containment is 1 1/3 acres which are expandable up to 100 acres
  • Produces 4 levels static stimulation for emergency as well as for training

Do you need any fence compiled for containment and training system? SportDOG has brought you an in-ground fence system. It serves you to contain your puppy in the secure network as well as the training system. The cost-effective fence comes with everything to abstain you buying anything else unnecessary. Primarily, the fence can cover 1 1/3 acres of yard with the instruments it comes. Moreover, you can cover up to 100 acres of land with the powerful transmitter. To get the additional area covered,

you need extra wires and flag kits. You can also add unlimited dogs to your system when you increase the range. No doubt about that the fence is compatible with all weathers and environment. You can use it in the cold, heat, rain, snow, mud, dust and even wind of mind. The dog fence is ensured with sufficient time warranty to feel you worried-free use in any situation. Moreover, the 4 levels of static stimulation help to train dog’s behavior if yours is a new one.


  • The system works effectively with only 2 hours training after installation
  • Collars are irritation and redness free
  • Covers a wide range


  • Installation takes much time

4. PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence for Dogs and Cats

As the dogs are different, the behavior is. But as a pet owner, you need to care about your dog’s play and fun. Is it possible to take care of the dog all the time? Most probably not. Hence, PetSafe Basic in-ground fence is a safe and secure containment system to keep your pet playing in the yard.

PetSafe has many other fences. So, what is the specialty of this Basic fence? I think the built-in GPS collar which works as a proven backup. So, if anyhow you lose the canine companion, you don’t feel worried to find the dog. Track the GPS and find your puppy. The fence offers your pet 1/3 acres of land for play and fun.

However, you can extend the area up to 5 acres by adding further wires and flags. You may need utmost 2 weeks to train your dog in the new area. Hope, yours is a quick learner. Though the collar unit is quite heavy, it is durable and waterproof. So, your puppy can fun and play during rain. You can also add unlimited dogs in your security system by wearing collars to the dogs.


  • Covers 1/3 acres of land which can be extended up to 5 acres
  • Built-in GPS system in the collar to track when not found
  • Waterproof and durable collars
  • Collar fits the dogs over 8 pounds or neck size 6-26 inches
  • Unlimited dogs can be added to the system by wearing collars


  • Expanding the system is easy and funny
  • Invisible fence for freedom of play
  • Low battery indicator to warn you when charging is required


  • After purchasing batteries may not work, its need charging before using

5. PetSafe Wireless Fence (PIF-300) with 2 Extra Battery Packs

PetSafe PIF-300 fence is a revolutionary fencing system to provide you complete wireless but powerful containment system. Though it has no wire to bury under the ground, it can vigorously cover up to ½ acres of land. The 180 feet diameter is enough to contain your dog in a secured place.So, how can you get the safety zone? Here’s the Kicker.

You need to plug in the transmitter wherever you want. It emits a signal to reach 180 feet in diameter. Your pet has a collar to receive the signal. Within the diameter, made circle, the pet feels safety.

However, if it wants to go near the invisible boundary, it feels safe but static and powerful shocks.  As the fence is compatible with US standard 110V, you can’t use it any other voltage. However, the surrounding metal of the home may interfere with the signal of the wireless fence system. But, it’s nothing serious to hamper to the pet for free-playing.


  • Completely wireless but powerful containment system
  • Covered up to ½ acres or 180 meter diameter
  • Adjustable level of correction-mode for automatic behavioral correction
  • Integrates PIF-300 system with 2 additional batteries included
  • Promptly compatible with US standard 110V for anywhere plug-in


  • Adjustable collar to fit any size of dogs
  • Potable and lightweight to carry around anywhere
  • Wireless fence helps for free from tedious set up


  • Collars sometimes need manual settings to the dogs

6. Sit Boo-Boo Advanced In-Ground Electric Dog Fence System

Exceptionally integrated with radio signal technology at 433 MHz, Sit Boo-Boo is an advanced in-ground fence to track your pet. The integration of collar, solid copper wire, polymer blend transmitter and remote training guides makes it the most potent fence system. When it comes to the dog fence system, area coverage is the prime concern. However, Sit Boo-Boo successfully surpasses the concern.

It can provide security up to 20 acres of land with 500 feet industrial grade solid wire. Even the hidden containment system allows you to train up to 3 dogs at a time from 1000 meters away. Think how powerful it is! Moreover, the IPV7 rated waterproof collar is durable enough and compatible with all situations. No matter whether it is rain or mud. Also, you can submerge the wire up to 1 meter deep under the earth. And what’s the specialty? The super-intelligent Safety-Shutoff knows when to stop. It lets your pets sensing not to exit the safety zone.


  • Integrates 433 MHz radio signal to track the movement of your pet dog
  • Handles up to 20 acres of land through 500 feet solid wire
  • Features 10-second Safety-Shutoff to let the dog know when to stop
  • Compatible with any situations, i.e., muddy or rain


  • Waterproof and durable for long time users at any place
  • 7-day-training guide to master you and your dog for invisible fence
  • Excellent customer service to help you in any pet-related problems


  • Collars may irritate for unconscious using, hope you’re conscious

7. Wireless Pet Containment System by PetSafe

When it matters for care of your pet, freedom of playing matters. However, a pet owner never be anxious-free if there is no secured fence for favorite four-legged companion.

So, PetSafe has brought a powerful wireless pet fence to secure the playing zone. Most importantly, your pet will play under an invisible but powerful zine free from unwanted incidents.

The system can handle a spherical area up to ¾ acres of land. You can expand the covered circular by adding further wire and flags.  As the transmitter is portable, you can set it up in the park, camping or any outdoor activities. But, wherever you want to set it, you need electricity at US standard 110 voltage. Beyond that, the wireless collar is waterproof and made of sturdy materials.

The materials ensure the durability. Also, it is compatible to use in any weather regardless of hot or cold or snow. The rechargeable collar provides 5 levels of correction with a tone-only mode. It helps you to train your puppy quickly.


  • Easy installation with the entirely wireless safety system
  • Handle up to ¾ acres of circular land which can be expandable
  • Handle up to ¾ acres of circular land which can be expandable
  • 5 levels of correction with the tone-only mode for quick training
  • More dogs can be added by wearing collars


  • Works great in a wide area for playing and fun
  • Dog accustomed and trained with the system quickly
  • Each collar is individually set to works perfect for the system


  • Price is expensive for the common pet lovers

8. PetSafe Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence for Dogs and Cats

Is your neighbor furious at your pet dog for unexpected entrance? Or are you concern for your puppy’s safety when you’re busy with other works?

No worry, PetSafe Elite little dog fence ensures Swiss-army-knives safety for dogs and cats to help you concentrate on your work. By the way, PetSafe leads the pet industry market with its top quality pet products.

The adjustable collars are waterproof and fit neck sizes from 6 inches to 16 inches. They are designed stripes which are reflected at nights. Moreover, the fence comes with 4 levels correction which helps to adjust dog’s temperament.

Now, you can manually set the secured area for 1/3 acres which is expandable up to 25 acres. If the dog wants to breaches the safety area, soft but static correction will blow to its neck. So, it will move back to the own zone.


  • Comes with 14-20 gauge copper insulated in-ground wire
  • Stripe designed collars to be visible at night
  • Receiver collars with 4 levels correction
  • Covers safety for up to 25 acres
  • Collar fits all dog neck sizes from 6 to 16 inches
  • The collar comes with a replaceable RFA-188 battery


  • Collar fits well and works precisely with the dogs
  • Dog accustomed with the collar and fence quickly
  • Easy to install and use


  • Little bit expensive for the amateurs and the hobbyists

9. Redhound In-Ground Electric Fence for Dogs – [Free Training Guide]

Pet dog is considered as a family member and most probably as a trusted friend. Like other dog owners, you may also want to keep your friend out of any unwanted trouble, especially from fast-moving vehicles or wildcat eighbors. So, don’t worry. Here’s the solution to keep your pet safe. The Redhound in-ground dog fence is a reliable system to keep your pets safe from going to the roads or neighbor’s area. In fact, the simple safety system works efficiently to turn your dog back within a minute.

Surprisingly, the Redhound fence requires no expert knowledge for installation. Everything comes preset, and you need to go for using. You can manually set the range for 1 foot to 20 feet for warning zones. Whether your dog is slow or high-energetic, you can change the range. Anything else of the Redhound to go ahead from the competitors? Apparently, you’ll get the “random-shock” collar which helps to upgrade behavioral correction. When the competitors’ collar offers random shocks even when it is not necessary, the Redhound provides shocks only when your dog wants to go too close to the boundary by sniffing.


  • Adjustable range set up for 1 foot to 20 feet
  • Easy to install and ready to go for use
  • A worry-free operation to avoid random shocks
  • Repeated and audible alarm increases when the puppy is near to the boundary


  • Budget-friendly price for a wide area fencing
  • Simple and easy-to-understand instructions


  • The range isn’t enough for a large farmhouse


Pet dog is considered as the family members but most of the time, it plays as the best trusted friend. If you have a dog, you are the lucky one to trust something. But, playing with your companion may not be performed. Also, your dog pet needs to play without breaching the safety. So, you can rely on the dog fence for the safety of your puppy.

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