E Collars Reviews: Best Shock Collars for Hunting Dogs

Sport DOG Brand Wetland Hunter 425

Works for bigger breeds: 

No matter how big your dog is, this tool will work with no question.

Best water resistance technology

You are welcome to use our drytek technology that keeps the device watertight up to 25 feet depth.

Not only that, Wetland Hunter 425 fights against heat, cold, rain, snow, dusts, mud, and rough wind effectively for sure.

Multiple types of training mould 

7 levels of shock intensity, vibration and tone impart you a whole bunch of training varieties.

Appreciative battery durability

The rapid charging technology takes only 2 hours for full charge and keeps the device on up to 70 hours max.

Range is moderate: 

Of course 500 yards range is not enough for you, but if you are willing to keep a close range with your dog, then this device is outstanding for training.

Dogtra ARC Remote Training Collar System, Black

For training breeds with mild spirit

Perfectly works for medium temperament dogs, but also found to be effective with the hunting dogs.

Covers an adequate wide range

You can take a distance up to 0.75 miles that gives you a comfort of going far. 

High stimulation potency

Coupled with 127 pitches of stimulation intensity, Dogra ARC is a highly recommended training tool.

Mastering multiple dogs

Equally works for two dogs that gives you an extra choice.


If it is raining outside, despite you can go out with your dog.

Quick charging batteries

Excellent battery durability and you can have it full charged within 2 hours only.

Comfortable grips on the handheld transmitter

You can hold it like you feel a grip on your dog.

No bark limiter

Though there is no mention of bark limiter on the device, the intensity module also works for such function.

Woks less on the spirited breeds

If you have a bigger dog, you may have difficulties in training with Dogtra ARC. In that case go for Dogtra 1900s.

Garmin Delta XC Bundle - Dog Training Device

Struggling with your dog to control remotely?

Garmin Delta XC can be your one of the best solutions. It gives you a comprehensive range of 0.8 km. so you can easily control or train your loving puppy even lying on a beach or walking around the park.

No damage through water splashes

Having a water rating of IPX7 in both handheld controller and dog device, garmin delta xc gives you a solid water resistance up to one meter depth. So if your dog loves to swim frequently, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Besides you can take a deep dive in the pool hanging the remote around your neck.

Hold comparatively less weight

The dog device is only 65g in weight which allows your dog to bear it comfortably even while playing with you in the yard or rushing towards you for help. Not only that, a 106g weight remote very easily fits within your palm. So you can hold it without any pain.

Satisfactory battery durability

Another noticeable advantage of the dog device is that you can train or go around with your dog for more than two days as the device can run for 60 hours per charge, but surprisingly the handheld controller runs for 80 hours per charge which is nearly four days.

Would you love to control two or three dogs at the same time?

No matter if you have a St. Bernard, a German Shepherd and a Siberian Husky, you can train all of them at the same time, since Garmin Delta XC is capable of controlling up to three dogs simultaneously. Moreover if your German Shepherd is crazier than the other two, you can teach him a lesson pressing the shock mode or warn him with the vibration and beep tone.

In nutshell, Garmin Delta XC is ready to sweep away your worries, if you just put it at dog’s neck. 

NoBark SBC-R

The SportDOG Brand has brought NoBark SBC-R , an unique e-collar, designed to reduce your stress about your dog’s barking behavior. Once you buckle up your dog with this e-collar, you will see the difference. The barking modifier keys are the unique features of this device as you see SBC-R not only calms your dog, rather learns it how to bark in different situations. In addition, the batteries are unbelievably strong and get charged very shortly.

Main Features

Your Dog’s Ultimate Barking Modifier

Promisingly helpful to rectify your dog’s barking pattern as per your attention

Stimulation Mould with Specific Operational Keys

 10 levels of static stimulation with 3 basic modes of bark controlling that are temperament learning, progressive correction and user selected.

Waterproof Technology with Natural Calamity Resistance

Water resistance is up to 10 feet and capable of fighting against heat, cold, rain, snow, dust, mud, and wind.

Strong Batteries with Quick Charging Technology

To be full charged it takes only 2 hours and runs for more than 8 days per charge.

OLED  Display

You can see all your commands on the crystal clear OLED screen.


  • Make a dog’s behavior polished
  • Multiple training options
  • Works for 8lbs and larger breeds
  • No pain about range 


  • No remote control device

Long range dog training collar : Dogtra 1900S 3/4 Mile Range 1 Dog

Using Dogtra 1900s trainers have got significant effectiveness on the breeds especially on the larger breeds. So it is recommended for you if you have struggles over controlling your dog. No matter how spirited your dog is, this e-collar will calm him down within few days and will give you an experience of easy training for sure.

Main Features

Highly Durable

 Made with POLYESTER 95%/NYLON 5%, the device is very strong.

A large volume of stimulation levels

0 to 127 stimulation levels will make sure an effective training. Moreover with non-stimulating vibration and nick mould you can also correct his behavior.

 Waterproof collar and transmitter

The collar and the transmitter are fully waterproof to an optimum level.

Multiple training options

No matter how you want to train your dog. All you need is to tune the training modes to your desired function.

Covers a wide range

0.75 miles range will give you a satisfactory coverage of training.

Strong batteries

Lipo longer lasting 2 hours rapid charging batteries last for pretty long time that comes with duel charging option for both the receiver and the transmitter at the same time. 

Works for extra large breeds

Fantastically effective on the larger dogs even over 100 lbs.

Comfortable Handheld

Checkered grips on the handheld will give a feel of ease while training your dog.


  • Correction modes are awesomely effective
  • Trainers’ best choice
  • Low battery indicators
  • LCD screen


  • No beep tone

EZ Educator 1/2 Mile Dog Trainer

We have made this device for you, if you are a kind hearted person to the dogs. The blunt technology that we have given to the stimulation mode is quite unique than any other e-collar in the market. However the stimulation mode is also designed focusing on the health issue of your dogs, as it reduces the Cortisol levels of your dog that controls blood sugar levels, regulates metabolism, reduces inflammation, and assists with memory formulation while training.

Main Features

Versatile Stimulation Moulds

We are giving you the most significant technologically advanced stimulation system that comes with 256 levels of smooth "blunt" stimulation with 100 Levels displayed on the LCD.


Both the receiver and the transmitter come with watertight technology

Multiple controlling options

You will have 4 beep tones with 7 levels of vibrating modes, plus instant stimulation system that cuts of the surprise of simulation shock.

4 Dogs controlling at the same time

Choose your device from four available models with same features starting from one collar-one transmitter to four collars-one transmitter.

Dog’s Size

You will find the size ‘’5lbs and larger’’ written on the box, but we have got customers using the device over 80 lbs dogs. 

LCD display

The LCD screen comes with bluish look that helps you to see the commands you make.

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design of the handheld fits comfortably within your palms and allows you to watch your dog while adjusting the stimulation.

Tracking Light

The receiver contains a tracking light that helps you to detect your dog in the dark.

Adequate Battery Strength

With full charge you can run the device up to three days.

Dual Charger

You can charge the transmitter and the receiver at the same time using the included dual charger, or via any micro USB charger.

Multiple contact points

You will get two extra contact points with short and long electrodes in the box. 


  • Maximum levels of stimulation options with blunt feature.
  • Tolerant perspective to the dogs
  • Lock-and-set features ensure safety
  • Effective for boundary training, aggressive dog aversion training, sport training, and other situational requirements.
  • Metal belt clip on the handheld.


  • No bark limiter.
  • Collars are available in four colors only- red, yellow, orange and black.
  • The transmitter has a sleep mode, but not the receiver.


In case of redness or irritation sign around the neck of your dog, switch to the titanium contact points. You can have them with some extra charge.

Iduola Training Collar

If you want to pick the best effective e-collar for controlling and correcting your dog, we recommend you to select Iduola e-collar 2018 upgraded version. It will give you a whole new experience about dog training. It does not matter whether you are non professional or, a professional dog trainer, this device will satisfy everyone. The company designed this dog training E Collar it is also called hunting dog E Collar to correct excessive barking, walking, sitting, pee, leash aggression, towards other dog’s aggression and other behavioral obedience. So if you want your dog listen to you perfectly, this product is for you.  

Main Features

Advanced Waterproof and Dustproof Technology

Experience our newly modified e-collar with IP67 technology that works up to 1 meter depth of water and also protect from dust, wind and mud.

Wide Range

1800ft barrier free remote control range will sure give a feel of adventure.

Multiple Training Modes

The collar comes with 100 Levels of Vibration, 1 Level of Standard Tone and 100 Levels of Static Shock mode.

Highly Strong Batteries

2 Rechargeable Lithium Batteries are highly durable and can be charged at the same time with duel charging option.

Comfortable Handheld and Receiver

 Ergonomically designed transmitter will easily adjust with your palm and the receiver also contains health conscious contact points.

Light Mode Option for Emergency

The receiver has excellent system emergency light mode so that you can find your dog in the dark while necessary.

Bluish LCD Display

You will have a LCD display on the handheld with bluish backlight.

Effective for Small, Medium and Large Dogs

No matter how small or how big your dog is, Iduola e-collar will work with guarantee on 6.6lbs-125lbs sized dogs.


  • Behavioral correction
  • Conductive Silicone on the contact points
  • Adjustable Collar, expanded up to 2 feet
  • 2-3mm charging hole
  • Dog friendly


  • No Leash
  • Non-automatic e-collar
  • Works on one dog only


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