Best Dog Ramp For SUVs

The ramps and steps for dogs are practical, useful and safe. They save time, minimize damage and are easy to transport. The variety of models may hinder the search a bit but PetLifeacademy has brought together the best with the greatest features and benefits for dogs and the owners.

If your dog has mobility problems, or if you simply worry about repeatedly climbing those difficult ramps, then you'll want to check it out. We select the best dog ramp for SUVs or car which will be the right decision for you.




Weight Capacity

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Anti-slip surface, free standing, easy to clean

350 lbs

Folding, anti slipping surface and lightweight

250 lbs

Telescopic opening system, suitable carry handle

over 400 lbs

 Best Pet Ramp for Large Dogs

Lightweight, Folding and fully assembled

300 lbs

Multipurpose step tool, One time installation

up to 400 lbs

Height adjustable, Durable and modern looking

over 300 lbs

Suitable for all kinds of dogs, Easy to transport and assemble

up to 500 lbs

Best Dog Ramp For SUVs

This dog car ramp model is my favorite of this comparison because it is made for durability. It is easy to clean and has a soft surface that ensures the dog does not slip when going up or down.

In addition, it is a standing ramp, this takes the form of a kind of drawer that will be very practical to store it in the car. It is made of strong material that will support the weight of the dog, it is foldable to save space when storing it.

If you have an old puppy or hip problems at home, you will have noticed how complicated it is for them to get on and off the car when you take them for a walk or to the vet and to solve this problem, this ramp will be perfect. The folding ramp easily folds for portability and easy storage.

What We Liked :

  1. Perfect for large dogs more than 200 pounds.
  2. Lightweight and simple to assemble and disassemble.
  3. Foldable in two parts for easy storage and transport.
  4. Free standing dog ramp
  5. Very easy to save and clean.
  6. Anti-slip surface and lateral safety barriers.

What We Didn’t Like :

  1. Requires a minimum of maintenance for outdoor use
  2. It is pricey than the quality

It is a great and affordable pet ramp, made of firm and durable plastic. This tool is ideal for small and medium pets since it tolerates a maximum weight of 50 kg.

The natural step ramp has a practical and lightweight design so that the user can store it in a simple way. In addition, it is equipped with a non-slip surface and side rails for greater safety. It is an easy installation model, perfect for use inside or outside your home.

This heavy duty dog ramp features a soft rubber-grip carrying handle for easy comfortable carrying. Meanwhile, it also features an automatic secure locking system that protects accidental unfolding of the ramp.

What We Liked :

  1. Easy to open and fold
  2. Lightweight and easy carrying
  3. Comfortable and non-slipping surface
  4. Perfect for vehicles, SUVs, and beds
  5. Foldable for easy transport and storage
  6. Features a comfortable carry handle

What We Didn’t Like :

  1. Not perfect for large dogs
  2. Sturdy but narrow

Don’t take a risk in injury to yourself and your pet. The ramp is made of aluminum and plastic, so it is very light and stable and includes a bag for easy transport. It has anti-slip surface and side barriers to provide maximum security. The ramp weighs 5 kilos, is easy to fold and has an additional closure as well as handles, which makes it very easy to transport and storage.

The dog ramp is used for cars, furniture, grooming tables, veterinary, and more without any stress. It features a carry handle for easy carrying and transport. It is perfect for all companions that need support climbing high places.

The telescoping design is the top-secret to design this ramp so cool to use - just slide it out to use and slide it in to stow. A smooth walking surface provides dogs a secure footing, especially on sudden climbs. The ultra-solid design uses 4 rubber feet to keep the ramp stable when using.

What We Liked :

  1. Lightweight telescopic pet ramp
  2. Adjustable length by a telescopic opening system.
  3. Made of aluminum and plastic, resistant and durable.
  4. Lightweight and very easy to transport thanks to the bag that it includes.
  5. Durable and can holds over 400 lb.
  6. High traction and non-slipping walking surface
  7. Features a suitable carry handle and safety release latch
  8. No awkward folding and unfolding required

What We Didn’t Like :

  1. Not perfect for large dog
  2. The carrying handle is not very effective

Best Pet Ramp for Large Dogs

Lightweight dog ramp that makes it very easy to transport and pick up. It features comfortable and safe walking surface and supports 300 lb. also for large dogs. It is perfect both for indoors and outdoors.

Your pet feels more comfortable and secure when walking up and down because if features raised rails on both sides of the walking surfaces. Height adjustable dog ramp that provides your dog to access a variety of heights.

Your pet will feel more comfortable, safe and confident because it offers safe footing tools and an excellently inflexible frame made just like a hard fiberglass ladder.

No gliding, slipping, bounce or command to scare them off, yet it is still astonishingly light at just 16 pounds. It is considerately designed to safe hands, paws and car finishes from pinches and scrapes.

What We Liked :

  1. Lightweight and easy to pick up and transport
  2. Anti-slipping walking surface
  3. Great for small pets with gentle backs and joints
  4. Smooth ends and rounded corners prevent pets, people and car surfaces
  5. Simple and very easy to use, fully assembled
  6. Folding and modern dog ramp

What We Didn’t Like :

  1. Not perfect for large dogs
  2. Little bit narrow

 Heininger, a brand specializing in pets, has developed a ramp to make life easier for dogs and owners alike. For its comfort and safety it is perfect for those cases in which, for whatever reason, jumping is a complicated and painful movement for our dog.

It is an excellent multi-purpose step that supports your pet climb in and out of your Pickup or SUV easily. You can easily attach it to the drawback receiver of the car and also store it below the bumper when you don’t want to use.

Moreover, it gives your favorite pet lower stress, lower impact access into and out of the car. It is perfect for all ages of dogs get into a vehicle. The dog step tool is designed for single hand use so you can easily swivel out from the car in minutes just when you desire. It is very easy to assemble without any tools.

What We Liked :

  1. An instant multipurpose step tool
  2. Features a non-slip walking surface
  3. Simple and very easy to use, fully assembled
  4. One time installation in the car or SUV
  5. Height adjustable for all types of vehicles
  6. Highly durable for all weather
  7. Holds more than 400 lbs

What We Didn’t Like :

  1. Maybe impractical for giant dogs
  2. High price tag

Designed for dogs up to 50 kilos is a stable ramp that prevents slips or falls facilitating the dog's access to the car or any other place in height safely and ensuring maximum care for the bones of your dog. It is lightweight but sturdy to make easy transport and pick up. It has a versatile design, easy to clean and transport. The ramp is suitable for dogs up to 300 lb. and comes equipped with a non-slip surface.

The surface of the best dog ramp for bed offers a rough surface to protect slips, comparable to skateboards and truck beds. Meanwhile, it is a perfect solution for older and weak dogs. Your pet feels safer and secure when walking up and down the ramp. The best dog stairs is adjustable both in length (from 47 to 87 in. L) And in height thanks to its telescopic opening system. It also has foam protectors on the ends so that it can be placed on any surface without damaging it.

What We Liked :

  1. Lightweight and compact design
  2. Durable and modern looking dog ramp
  3. Non-slip high traction walking surface
  4. Perfect for sick and older pets
  5. Height adjustable dog ramp
  6. Easy cleaning – use mild cleaner or just hose off
  7. No awkward folding and unfolding required

What We Didn’t Like :

  1. Maybe hard to handle
  2. Poor footing
  3. Not very perfect for small breeds

A light and folding ramp, very easy to assemble and very safe thanks to the metal hinges that it incorporates. It features a high-quality non-slip soft rubberized walking surface that they avoid any slip of our dog when using it. This ramp is designed for large dogs (up to 500 lbs). It is also possible to fold in three to leave it an appropriate size to store when we do not need it.

The folding dog ramp is suitable for climbing up and out of the back of the car, bed or any furniture. It has a calm incline that gives assistance to dogs which can’t jump onto high surfaces. The best dog steps is made of a resistant and light quality plastic which ensures that your dog can use it for many years. The dog ramp is very lightweight and simple to assemble and disassemble. We recommended it especially for its durability, comfortability, and ergonomic design.

What We Liked :

  1. Made with high-quality plastic
  2. Folding dog ramp
  3. Anti-slip surface to prevent slipping.
  4. Very easy to save and clean
  5. Suitable for all kinds of dogs up to 500 lbs
  6. Easy to transport and assemble
  7. Its design allows the dog not to slip when using it

What We Didn’t Like :

  1. Big and heavy to carry
  2. Expensive than the quality

Benefits of buying a dog ramp

The ramps for dogs offer an infinity of benefits to improve the quality of life of your pet.

It is the perfect tool to adapt to the vehicles when it comes time to visit the veterinarian, go for a walk or vacation with the family. They will give your dog ease of movement, regardless of the size of your pet or your physical condition.

Dog ramps are ideal to provide assistance to pets who suffer from a physical disability such as arthritis or hip problems. It also serves as a support when your puppy is overweight or when he begins to feel the effects of old age.

The ramps allow our dog’s access to high places without the need to jump. Depending on the race and physical conditions of our pet, this jump can be harmful to him or even impossible.

Final Verdict

By considering all the smart features that are very essential for your pet, Solvit PetSafe Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp is the best in our selection. Thanks for being with us. If you have any question feel free to ask or comment bellow.


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