7 Best Dry Dog Foods for Diabetic Dogs of 2022 with Buying Guide

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Diabetes (known by specialists as diabetes mellitus) is a disease that cannot be cured as in human and that will always accompany the dog’s life.

To give a healthy life for your pet, you must meet their food needs. A balanced diet is extremely important for success in the control of diabetes mellitus. Ideally, the diet should be exactly the same and always be provided at the same time.

We always want to give them the best and nutrition is one of the most important aspects for them.

The sweets and snacks should be avoided. This does not mean that your dog can not receive rewards. Your veterinarian may recommend suitable treats for diabetic dogs that you can provide from time to time. Let’s analyze about diabetic in dogs and what is the best dry food for diabetic dogs.

Common Symptoms of Diabetes in Dogs

Excessive thirst: High glucose levels dehydrate the animal. It presents a constant thirst.

Frequent urination: Given the thirst of the diabetic dog, it will stop controlling where to urinate. It will end up leaving your mark anywhere. And it is that it will not be able to support his desire to pee.

Voracious appetite: By not metabolizing blood sugar well, your pet will always be hungry, even if trained. He can’t avoid it. Everything you find will be eaten.

Fatigue: Given the poor absorption of sugar, the diabetic dog does not get a good source of energy. He will always be tired. It is one of the main symptoms of dog diabetes.

How to know if my Dog is Diabetic

We can’t diagnose this disease without the help of a veterinarian, because although some of the symptoms of dog diabetes are quite particular. There are others that occur in multiple diseases and also may vary depending on the stage of the disease in which our dog is found.

If there is a suspicion of diabetes, the veterinarian must perform a series of tests to check whether our dog is diabetic or not:

Normal blood glucose level is 80-120 mg/dl. In some diabetic dog, it can be 700-800 mg/dl and most of them are 400-600 mg/dl.

First, we should measure the sugar level of the dog to detect the presence of glucose in the dog urine.

Sometimes the blood sugar level can vary due to factors such as stress. For this reason, it is also useful to measure the level of fructosamine, a protein that can indicate more accurately the blood sugar levels of the last 2/3 weeks.

You should also check the level of dehydration of the dog, if there is damage to the kidney or if there is a urine infection.

It is also important to check if there are toxic substances in the blood, known as ketones, from the burning of fats and proteins. If yes, the state of health of the dog is quite serious and will be hospitalized immediately.

It should be checked if there is inflammation or damage to the pancreas (pancreatitis) because it could evolve into diabetes.

Blood Glucose Monitoring System Kit- AlphaTRAK 2

The AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose testing kit gives accurate information within a seconds. It features 25 test strips with a carrying case. This method contains blood glucose meter with a lancing device. It gives accurate information about your pet’s blood glucose level on a large LCD display.

The testing kit is very easy to use and requires a little blood sample. You can register your glucose testing meter with PetDialog app and can easily discover mode in your puppy’s diabetic health.It also helps you to coordinate healthy life of your pets, the PetDialog App allows you to connect with your veterinary application.

Your veterinarian will understand better about your pet with diabetic by observing details of its lifestyle through the app. He can easily ensure you the best and professional advice and care for your favorite pets.

How to feed the Diabetic Dog

Knowing the type of food suitable to treat your dog’s diabetes is essential for your dog’s health. The usual thing is to feed the animal with specific feed for this disease. Of course, let yourself be advised by your trusted veterinarian.

The diabetic pet food should contain a lot of fiber and little sugar. The diabetic dog is not able to assimilate the sugar in food, which results in fatigue and apathy. The fiber helps the glucose to break down more slowly and cause fewer problems for the animal.

Food enriched with fiber made from cereals will keep sugar under control. It does not hurt any supplement of vitamins of group B, C, and E.

Easily absorbed carbohydrates are very dangerous for the diabetic dog. They transform into sugar quickly. So, grain free foods are safe for your dogs.

Keep a routine, feeding the same amounts of food and always at the same time.

Foods prohibited for the diabetic dog

It may seem heavy but, fundamentally, you have to avoid sugar from the pet’s diet, in any of its presentations: lactose, sucrose, and fructose … are known as poison for your dog.

The diabetic dog’s body is unable to produce the insulin needed to properly metabolize sugars. They cannot eat the sweets like a ‘normal’ dog. Ask the vet if they have some suitable for diabetic dogs.

As for wet food, stick to those cans specially formulated for dogs with glucose problems. Wet food for dogs usually has a higher index of sugars and carbohydrates.

Not all food supplements are suitable for the diabetic dog. An excess of vitamin A or supplements with glucosamine interfere with the production of insulin.

An example you have in omega 3, so valuable in the diets. However, for the diabetic dog, it could become a poison since it increases cholesterol and sugar levels.

Homemade food for Diabetic Dogs

If you like to feed your dog with homemade food, diabetes should not stop you. The main thing is that the diet of your diabetic dog is based on quality ingredients, poor in sugars and rich in fiber.

Meats for the diabetic dog’s homemade diet should be low in fat. Do not hesitate to add eggs, low-sugar fruits and vegetables as the best dry food for diabetic dogs.

As a basic source of carbohydrates, use brown rice, barley or oats. Try to put aside the corn, because it has a lot of sugar. Make sure that the diet is complete and balanced, with the necessary contribution of vitamins, proteins, and minerals.

Whenever the specialist indicates it, it complements the diet of the diabetic dog with nutritional supplements.

Treatment of Diabetes in Dogs

First of all, you have to know that it is not possible to completely cure a dog with diabetes, but you can control it. This way we will control the symptoms and possible later complications.

Dogs with Type I diabetes require longtime treatment. Generally, said treatment is divided into two phases:

Phase 1, stabilization. In this phase, a rapid insulin will be used to try to normalize the disease as much as possible. Diet, during this stage, is special because we need the dog to recover weight in the shortest possible time.

Phase 2, maintenance. In this second phase in addition to administering insulin following the guidelines of the veterinarian, we must follow the diet proposed to us and make changes in the routine of our dog, exercise is the key.

The treatment of canine diabetes is based on three key points:

Date: Choose foods rich in fiber, which can delay the absorption of glucose in the intestine. Currently, you can find feed adapted to the dietary requirements of diabetic dogs.

Exercise: The sports activity in the dog is beneficial to control obesity and maintain the ideal weight. In any case, avoid abrupt or strenuous exercises.


Oral hypoglycemic agents:

Dogs that still have some capacity to produce insulin can benefit from these medications. They help the synthesis of the hormone and favor a good organic response to it.

Insulin: There are different types of insulin, depending on the speed of action. It is usually given an injection under the skin once or twice a day. Your veterinarian will show you how to do it at home; with practice, you will find it very simple. The amount and type of insulin depend on each animal. In the beginning, several visits to the clinic are usually necessary to measure their blood glucose and adjust the dose.

Once established to treating your dog’s diabetes, do not modify the medication guidelines without your veterinarian prescribing it.

What care does a diabetic dog need?

To control diabetics, it is essential to follow the insulin treatment indicated. We must not forget to supply all the doses that are necessary.

In addition, we must maintain a regular communication with the veterinarian. Do not hesitate to come to him if our dog suddenly presents vomiting, diarrhea, changes in behavior, anxiety or swelling of the head or neck.

To prevent possible emergencies, exercise and proper diet with a special diet for dogs with diabetes will be your best allies. By exercising and consuming more energy, you reduce the risk of hyperglycemia or excess blood sugar.

On the other hand, if the dog is at its optimal weight, it is always easier to keep track and you will need a lower dose of insulin to be well.

Keep in mind that all these aspects will make your dog healthy and happy, with a life expectancy similar to that of other dogs without diabetes.

Our Top Picks of Best Diabetic Dog Food

List of the Best Dry Food for Diabetic Dogs of 2022

1. ORIJEN DOR4410-25 Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Orijen Original Dry Food is the best choice for a diabetic dog because of its no grain ingredients. It gives heavy nutrients with limited ingredients for your most favorite puppies. This meat-heavy treat is made of with six different protein source which is more than 70% protein. This protein source comes from fish, chicken, eggs and also wholesome turkey.

This will be the best commercial healthy food for a four family member. This food recipe is also ideal for a dog with a sensitive stomach. It contains plenty of vegetables and fruits for example turnip greens, pumpkin, and cranberries. The ingredient list of the dog food is very fantastic and welcome to its low glycemic index.

What We Liked

  • Grain-free nutrient-rich dog food
  • Delicious and balanced diet for your puppies
  • Freeze-dried dog foods
  • 100% natural with one protein source

What We Didn’t Like

  • High price tag

2. Wellness Core 88403 Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

The Wellness Core Natural Dog Food is made with live active probiotics, fiber and prebiotics to ensure a well intestinal tract and generally digestive issue. It contains necessary vitamins, fatty acids like Omega 6 and Omega 3 and mineral to gives healthy cellular activity.

Proper necessary nutrients improve healthy teeth, eyes, and gums of your puppies. High Protein levels develops the ability to destroy extra fat and calories as well as incline muscle mass.

Contains 100% natural ingredients that are grain free and rich with high-quality protein compounds. Veggie and fruit Antioxidants develop your puppies overall nutrition. High quality and non-grain carbohydrates give a regular energy rise for your dog.

What We Liked

  • 100% natural and grain free
  • Complete as well as a balanced diet
  • Contain protein source from turkey and chicken
  • Mix with vegetables and essential supplement
  • No artificial colors or preservatives
  • Probiotics, prebiotics, and fiber

What We Didn’t Like

  • Little costly

3. Nutro 1015767 Lamb and Rice Healthy Weight

The Nutro Lite Dry Dog Food is the best option for diabetic dogs with natural ingredients, real poultry, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. There are no artificial ingredients like flavor or preservatives that are safe for your pet.

The proteins rich in natural food contains various essential supplements to maintain proper health. It nurtures a healthy immune system and also supports your pets to digest easily. Contains essential antioxidant for healthy immunity. It is also made with Non-GMO ingredients. It is a low-calorie diet for your dog that made with tasting farm-raised chicken.

What We Liked

  • Natural dog food and rich in quality nutrients
  • Contains essential supplements like vitamin, mineral and more
  • Grain-free dog food and artificial flavor free
  • Non-GMO ingredients, perfect for diabetic dog

What We Didn’t Like

  • The skin of your dog may feel dry when eating
  • Your pet may not like it!

4. Merrick 38567 Grain Free Beef and Sweet Potato Dog Food

The Merrick Dog Food contains quality protein and healthy fats. It provides balanced nutrition from real protein source. This herbal, grain-free dog food is ideal for all types of puppies, especially for diabetic dogs. The ingredients of this ideal food are totally natural and full of protein. The protein source is turkey, salmon, buffalo, and chicken with a focus on certainly nutrient wealthy ingredients to guide ordinary fitness.

Vegetables and fruits like peas, blueberries and sweet potatoes are included as complex carbs. You will get various types of essential ingredients like mineral, vitamin, and probiotic bacteria. Probiotic bacteria are very helpful for easy digesting. It additionally contains Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids which are very helpful for your pet’s skin.

What We Liked

  • Grain-free ingredients that are perfect for diabetic dogs
  • Contains Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acid
  • Helps to gain healthy hips and joints
  • Contains 70% meat source nutrition

What We Didn’t Like

  • Maybe allergic for your dog
  • May create dogs bad gas problems

5. NUTRO 10157599 Limited Ingredient Salmon

Dogs want to enjoy their foods and don’t want to compromise on taste like ours. The NUTRO ULTRA is made their dog food using high-quality ingredients. This natural dog food is made with high-quality protein sources like chicken, salmon, and lamb. It is mixed up with 15 energetic super foods like blueberries, chia, kale, and coconut.

It gives a balanced diet that’s full of flavor and nutrient-rich to develop your dog’s health. There are no GMO ingredients, artificial flavors, color, preservatives, and grain like corn, wheat. Specially made for overweight adult dogs that are suffering from diabetic. It is a perfect solution for weight control of an overweight dog.

What We Liked

  • Contains protein from lamb, chicken, and salmon
  • Made for overweight adult diabetic dog
  • 15 energetic superfoods like blueberries, kale, chia, and coconut
  • No artificial color, flavor or preservatives
  • Non-GMO and grain free ingredients

What We Didn’t Like

  • Dog’s weight may increase

6. Wellness 89103 Complete Health Dry Dog Food

The Wellness Natural Healthy Dog Food is complete and fair nutrition that is made with 100% natural ingredients. Perfect nutrition support with balanced protein, carbohydrates, fats, mineral, vitamins and more.

Made with tasty deboned chicken and peas to reduce calorie diet that is a perfect solution for hunger and maintaining a healthy weight. Contains totally natural and grain free ingredients that are very helpful for a diabetic dog.

What We Liked

  • Complete & balanced daily diet
  • Help to reduced calories
  • Support healthy weight loss and maintenance.
  • Made to satisfy hunger
  • Helpful for hip & joint health

What We Didn’t Like

  • May not so tasty for your puppies

7. All Natural Diabetic Healthy Dog Treats

ALL Natural is the best dog food for diabetic dogs on the market right now. Your dog loves this tasty food and doesn’t have any concern about the affecting its sugar levels. The treat is such a blessing and a must for anyone having a diabetic dog.

These are so healthy for her and are all 100% natural and like all healthy snacks. It contains various natural ingredients with a pure protein supplement. There is no grain in its given ingredients. It is also Non-GMO and contains no color or additives and preservatives. It helps to reduce blood glucose level of your puppies and maintain insulin requirements.

What We Liked

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • The treats contain no additives
  • Contains ingredients helps to reduce blood glucose
  • Helpful for managing insulin requirements

What We Didn’t Like

  • affordable

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