Top 5 Best Dog DNA Test Kits of 2022 Review

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DNA testing is one of the most popular and modern innovations of the world. Performing a dog breed DNA test is a fairly common and simple procedure among those who wish to learn about them and their pets. People who are already familiar with DNA testing for humans should not be surprised that the same thing applies to a favorite pet.

There are various DNA testing companies that are promised to give accurate result but which is actually best dog DNA test for discovering your pet’s ancestry? When we think to test DNA of a canine we always consider embark and wisdom panel as the best option.

Best Dog DNA Test Kit

In this article, we will discuss briefly these two as well as other options which ensure your satisfaction. Let’s begin.

How Does Dog DNA Test work? What Precision Are?

Most people today still get confused with the mention of DNA testing for dogs. Usually, we imagine, whether it’s a drama full of episode interviews or people who use DNA to track their ancestry hundreds of years ago through numerous generations.

Did you know that the Top rated dog DNA test is not just done for confused or curious people? It will help you find what type of breed your pet is if it appears to be of mixed origin. However, a company called Embarking has developed a new type of dog DNA testing system that also gives information about possible health problems and genetic diseases. If you want to know about dog DNA testing system and their effectiveness read and see our review of the now advance dog breed test below.


These DNA tests for dogs use microsatellites which called repeating DNA sequence. In 2004 the journal Science, geneticist Elaine Ostrander and colleagues tested this type of DNA identification to confirm its accuracy. They found, emphatically, that the use of microsatellites was a reliable way to determine the ancestry of a dog’s breed. When these test kits were first sold, they were only able to detect 38 breeds.

Now, the ability to identify the evidence has risen to more than one hundred. Each Canine DNA testing company has their own database with various DNA samples that they use to compare their tested DNA too. Usually, the most expensive is a test, more breeds they have in their database. Obviously, the more breeds you have to compare to, the more likely you are to match up to your pet’s DNA. In short, the largest database of the company, the more accurate the test results will be.

How to Use A DNA Dog Test Kit with Your Pet?

The process is similar compared with human DNA testing. Needless to say, to test a dog’s DNA by descent, first of all, there is a part of its DNA. Usually, it can come in the form of your pet’s body fluid, hair, nails, or any number of sources. However, saliva is the most commonly used and advised for specific canine-DNA tests. We have tested over various DNA test kits and finally listed 5 best dog DNA test kits among them that give accurate and reliable information.

Science Confirmed That Humans and Dogs Share Genes

Scientists from the University of Linköping in Sweden said that social skills in dogs are affected by genes that are also present in people. Why it implies a breakthrough in communication with the animal kingdom.

The concept of socialization is linked to the skills of human interaction with people in their environment, whether for a favorable exchange or interaction.

The human being is different from the animal kingdom by his social skills. Science identified, in a study published in the journal ‘Scientific Reports’, the existence of genomic regions shared by dogs and men linked to classic social behaviors.

The dogs are one of the first domestic animals in the world. His adaptation with people is becoming more solid. During this long period, the dogs were able to develop unique abilities for communication and cooperation with their masters.

The researchers used the method called GWAS (a complete study of genome association), which allows a deep genetic analysis. The results indicated that those pets that sought human contact more intensely were those that had certain shared genetic variants.

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), autism and neuropsychiatric complications are associated with difficulties with social interactions between human beings. Surprisingly, the genes analyzed in pets linked to these human pathologist, which would allow analyzing certain social disorders through canine behavior.

The Benefits

DNA testing can be beneficial for most of us dog owners. If you have a dog of young or medium age, a DNA test will pay for itself in no time. However, if you have a very old dog, a DNA test may not be a good investment.

Standard dog ancestry test will only tell you what your pet’s breed is and very few of them delve into genetic diseases.

The regular DNA tests for dogs are mostly very useful for breeders, owners to show the dog or parents of pets who have just adopted a new puppy.

If you want to be 100% sure that your puppy is a purebred dog, a dog DNA test is the surest way to get your answer.

Having a better understanding of your dog’s heritage can provide you with a better understanding of your future health, possible prevention, and certain treatments.

Problems with Dog DNA Tests

Many owner express disapproval of the tests because the results can be misleading. Because only 100 breeds have been identified for the test in many cases the results are inconclusive. Also, if your dog is of mixed breed it can be the product of generations of mixed breeds, the tests can be of very little help. However, if you are curious about the genetic makeup of your dog, these tests are the current method only to identify which breeds influence their appearance and behavior characteristics

Here is an Updated List of the Best Dog DNA Test Kits of 2022

1. Embark Dog DNA Test Kit

Embark | Dog DNA Test | Breed & Health Kit | Breed Identification & Canine Genetic Health Screening
  • CHECK SWAB FOR LONG LASTING USE BY DATE: A fall 2022 packaging misprint misrepresented use by dates on the back of some kits. If you have any questions, check the date printed directly on the swab for accurate dates. Embark swabs, including ones inside misprinted boxes, remain fully effective for at least two years. Results are guaranteed - If a sample does not work, Embark will reach out and provide a replacement free of charge.
  • HUNDREDS OF ACTIONABLE HEALTH INSIGHTS: 75% of dogs are either at risk or a carrier for a genetic health condition. Embark's panel tests 215+ health risks and provides hundreds of actionable insights to help you give your pup the best care possible. After receiving their test results, 37% of dog owners changed how they care for their dog.
  • BREED ID THAT'S TWICE AS PRECISE: Embark tests over 230,000 genetic markers, twice as many as the next competitor. We also screen for 350+ dog breeds, more than any other dog DNA test. This means Embark's test is the most accurate and scientifically advanced on the market.
  • HIGHEST RATED & MOST TRUSTED: Embark is the highest rated dog DNA brand on with over 16,000 5-star reviews. Only Embark uses research-grade data and is partnered with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. In a blind study, dog owners rated Embark as the most trusted dog DNA test.
  • EXCELLENT SERVICE & FAST RESULTS: Have a question about your results? Just talk to one of our dedicated vets or geneticists — they’re ready with the answer. Embark generally delivers results in 2-4 weeks and keep you updated every step of the way.

People who are already familiar with DNA testing for humans should not be surprised that now seeing the same thing applies to canines. Embarking Dog DNA test kit works in a similar way. It gives you perfect and correct identification result. The Embark DNA Test Kit tests for more than 175 dog breeds, even wolf, coyote, and village dog breeds. Together these breeds simply cover more than 98% of canines in United States.

The dog genetic testing test kit can accurately tell you the maternal and parental group that your pet has in his/her ancestry back to grandparents. It can test more than 160 diseases. With this best DNA test kit, you can plan better for healthy aging as well as information from heredity disease to drug sensitivities.

Safe your dog from a genetic disease that might occur in future including dilated cardiomyopathy, degenerative Myelopathy, and glaucoma. The results of embarks are very broad. You will have access to all the results through the Embarkation website, and you have access to them forever. The results of your entire package will all be added to your profile. You can access the data of all dogs that have had a result just in the same place.

What we liked

  • It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s convenient
  • They use over 200,000 genetic markers
  • Provides more extensive testing than any similar product
  • They test for more than 160 health conditions
  • It gives you a breakdown of the breed or breeds of your dog and family history
  • The given result is tested and confirmed by the respective organization
  • They give you the complete picture of your dog’s genetic health and ancestry
  • You can download and print the result through their website

What we didn’t like

  • More expensive than any other canine DNA test, but they test for more breeds and genetic conditions more than any other test on the market
  • Delayed result than other DNA testing company

2. Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit

Wisdom Panel Breed Discovery 3.0: Dog DNA Test Kit for Most Accurate Breed ID | MDR1 | Ancestry | Relatives
  • With the world’s most accurate pet DNA test, you’ll know your dog like never before. Our tests screen for 350+ breeds, offering the most precise breed report available. Because knowing every detail helps you understand how to care for them.
  • Test for medication sensitivities. With an MDR1 test, you’ll know if your dog may have a negative reaction to commonly used medications.
  • 99.9% of dogs find a relative through Wisdom Panel. With the world’s largest breed database and 3M+ dogs tested, you can see photos, compare DNA results, and learn who may share their good looks.
  • Trace their ancestry. Wondering how it’s possible that they’re 50% Chihuahua and 5% Great Dane? Go back three generations to learn how their unique breed mix came to be.
  • Wisdom Panel has more 5-star reviews than any other dog DNA service on Amazon. 3M+ pet parents have chosen us thanks to a quick, painless swabbing process, fast results, and reliable insights you can use for years to come.

It presents the breeds information of any dog breed genetic test kit within the world with over 250 breeds and varieties. The Top Rated dog DNA test kit formally authorized within the USA to supply the drug susceptibility test MDR1 which will save lives at no extra charge.

Identification of purebred ancestor’s gift within the 1st 3 generations. The prepaid shipment to the laboratory and therefore the results are prepared in only 2-3 weeks when the ample arrives. With an easy cheek swab, you’ll be able to discover DNA-based information that may assist you to perceive your dog’s look, behavior and welfare wants.

Instructions: The tests are as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Firstly, collect a sample of skin cells from the within of your dog’s cheek with the enclosed swabs.
  2. Activate your check online at the official website& send the swabs to our work with the postage-paid shipping label.
  3. Among 3 weeks you may receive associate degree email together with your dog ancestry report.

The activation of the web check can enable the immediate follow-up of your sample, additionally as the updates throughout the method of the check analysis. Please make sure to complete all the specified fields. However long will it fancy get the results of the knowledge panel 2.5? When the sample sent to the laboratory, they always take between two and three weeks to check the sample and generate the results. You may receive an email notification once your report is on the market for viewing.

What we liked

  • Three-generation kin group
  • The quick result in two to three weeks
  • Careful breed profiles for every breeds detected
  • Multi-drug sensitivity (MDR1) chromosomal mutation detection results
  • Predicting weight home in adults to assist with the organic process and dietary selections
  • Certificate of ancestry for the framing
  • It gives genetic information concerning your dog
  • Can assist you to be additional proactive with reference to the welfare of your pet 
  • This test can assist you to learn or make sure the canine dog breeds

What we didn’t like

  • This test is only available in UK, US, Western Europe, and Australia

3. Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel 2.5 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit

Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test Kit - Canine Breed Identification and Ancestry Information
1,604 Reviews
Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test Kit - Canine Breed Identification and Ancestry Information
  • With a simple cheek swab, you can uncover DNA-based insights that may help you understand your dog's unique appearance, behaviors and wellness needs
  • MDR1 testing; Direct testing for the mutant MDR1 gene (multi drug sensitivity); Results can assist in the prevention of serious adverse drug reactions
  • Adult weight range prediction to help you make appropriate nutrition and diet choices
  • Breed insights to help you provide a better training program, understand behavior
  • You will be emailed an official Ancestry Report revealing your dog's a genetic background

All owners of a mixed-breed dog wonder what breeds are part of their favorite friend, and now it is possible to find out with DNA tests for dogs. The wisdom Panel 3.0 dog DNA test covers 250 breeds, varieties and species.

All those authenticated by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and might be run from a mixed breed or purebred dogs. With an easy mouth scraping, you’ll discover a point of view based on DNA which will assist you to know the distinctive behavior, appearance, and well-being wants of your dog.The test is very easy. Firstly, collect a sample of skin cells from your dogs.

And cheek with the enclosed swabs. Activate your test online at their official website and, then, mail the swabs to their laboratory with the postage-paid shipping label. Inside of three weeks, you’ll receive associate email together with your dog’s distinctive, interactive report.

What we liked

  • Descent tree breeds and proportion breakdown that goes back 3 generations to the GGP level
  • Careful breed profiles for each of the breeds detected
  • Multi-drug sensitivity (MDR1) results in the detection of genetic mutations
  • Assist you to perceive your dog’s distinctive character, behaviors, and well-being want
  • They prepare result in 2-3 weeks once the sample arrives. Paid shipping to the laboratory
  • The unique DNA test provides information of any test within the world with over 250 breeds, varieties, and different varieties
  • They are a resourceful, contemporary and cheerful company
  • Committed to providing their customers with the option to explore and see an exclusive product, with the right choices.

What we didn’t like

  • Limited DNA profiling test than others
  • Instructions are not in-depth

4. Wisdom Panel DNA Kit 2Pk for 2 Dogs

Since dogs have not yet evolved to talk to us, sometimes it is very difficult to determine what are the natural tendencies, requirements, and behaviors of a certain breed. DNA test kit explains how to use this product to find out the breed and then adapt it to the exact needs of your dog.

Why is the determination of the breed important? There are two models of this wisdom Insights Panel dog breed identification test kit and both are very effective: one is the original which is more popular among dog owners, and the other is a newer model (it is can host tuned – Wisdom Group 2.0 opinion will be available soon), a slightly less popular option.Here is a step-by-step guide on how to properly collect your dog’s DNA using these swabs. You have to be very careful in collecting your pet’s DNA by following the instructions.

How to Collect Dog DNA Using This Kit

  1. Take the swab out of the sleeve. DO NOT touch the tip of it!
  2. Stretch swab bristles behind the dog’s cheeks for up to 15 seconds
  3. Insert the swab handle into the hole in the carton
  4. Activate the test on the website
  5. Fill in the details on the label and apply it to the swab sleeve
  6. Insert the dry swabs into the swab sleeves and DO NOT reopen
  7. Place these in the package
  8. Send the product to the company after filling in the details of the shipping label

As has been mentioned above in the DNA wisdom dog opinion test kit, make sure your dog has not eaten or chewed anything for at least 2 hours. I would recommend a longer period, as well as giving your dog plenty of water before “running the stopwatch.

What we liked

  • The instruction is clear and covers every step with enough detail
  • Breeds profile page that describes the type of breeds detected in your pet
  • It shows all the information on the descent of your dog by breed
  • The whole process took a little less than 2 weeks, which I think is fair enough
  • The product works very well, and it is definitely worth the price!
  • The results of the different analysis of major components
  • The company is actually doing the test for you in their own labs.

What we didn’t like

  • Questions about the reliability of the test
  • A little costly for the limitations

5. Wisdom Panel Mixed Breed DNA Test Kit

When dog owners are not 100% sure what they raise their dogs are, this can make it very difficult to determine the reasons for the dog’s strange behavior, find more appropriate training approaches or even their lifestyle. In this case, the animals are very similar to us. In short, the DNA you collect using the canine wisdom panel kit will contain all the necessary information that you want to turn your dog’s life for the better. Sounds good in theory, but does the product really work?

Wisdom Panel Mixed dog breed identifier is made by an American Mars Veterinary Company, based in Maryland, USA. “It’s not surprising that, like most other products, all the DNA tests for dogs are not the same. The more breeds in a company’s database, the greater the possibility of accuracy in their results, “said Nathan Sutter, Ph.D. If you own a mixed breed dog, you can use the wisdom dog DNA kit according to your directory to identify your pet’s breed. You can find everything related to your furry friend, including the history and genetics of the breed on the website. This is still the most accurate method that dog owners use today.

What we liked

  • The main benefits of the DNA dog wisdom test kit 1,300 reviews on Amazon now!
  • It will not take you more than 15 minutes to go through the entire process
  • They are taking this very seriously and their breed database will provide you with the most accurate information
  • Gives the idea of health problems your dog is prone to develop over time or might be suffering from already
  • Several physical traits can trace back to the descent of your dog
  • Very useful for breeders – allows you to “predict what type of puppies you are most likely to receive”
  • You will learn how your dog’s DNA affects your behavior. You finally know how to make your dog happy

What we didn’t like

  • Some people find that the price is too high than others